PacktLib: Learning Mambo: A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Building Your Website

Learning Mambo : A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Building Your Website


About the Author

About the Reviewer


An Introduction to Mambo

What Mambo Can Do for You

What Exactly is Mambo?

Mambo as an Open-Source Content Management System

Getting Help in the Mambo Community

Forks, the Mambo Foundation, and Joomla!

Zak Springs Golf Club Website


Setting up the Development Environment

Downloading Mambo

Putting Mambo Files into the Web Server Root

Installing Mambo

Testing the Installation

Creating a Database User

Still Having Problems?


Your Frontpage

Your Mambo Site

Viewing Site Content

Becoming the Administrator

Managing the Frontpage

Editing an Article

Controlling Article Display on the Frontpage


Configuring the Site

Your Site, Your Database

Starting Afresh

Visiting the Administration Area

Global Configuration of your Site

Private Messages


Managing Media, Modules, and Components

Managing Media

Managing Modules

Component Management

Installing Mambo Add-ons with the Universal Installer

Interlude: Web Links


Managing Menus and Templates


News Feeds Component, Link, Category

Planning the Zak Springs Menu Structure

Managing Templates


Managing Users

User Groups

Ingredients of a User

Registering as a User

Front-End User Goodies

User Management

Managing Other Administrators

Zak Springs Users and Groups


Managing Content

Organizing Content

Creating Sections

Creating Categories

Entering Content

Different Views of Content

Static Content

Managing Sections

Managing Categories


Front-End Publishing Workflow

Authoring Content

Editing Content

Publishing Content

Front-End User-Submitted Content

Adding Links to Submit Content

Creating a Better Publishing Workflow

Managing Comments


Finishing the Site Off with Other Extensions

Standard Extensions

ExtCal Event Component

MamboBoard Forums Component

zOOm Media Gallery Component

Customizing a Template

What You Need

Template File Structure

Creating a New Template

Customizing the Page Layout

Customizing the Modules

Customizing the Menus

Finishing Off


Deploying and Running Your Site

Overview of the Process

Uploading the Mambo Code via FTP

Setting Permissions for configuration.php

Creating the Database

Running the Web Installer

Migrating the Locally Created Database

Resetting the Permissions of Your Installation

Rename the Super Administrator Account

Setting Permissions for Mambo Operations

Restricting Access to Folders

Restricting Access to the Administrator Area


Installing XAMPP