PacktLib: UML 2.0 in Action: A project-based tutorial

UML 2.0 in Action A Project-Based Tutorial



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Basic Principles and Background

2.1 Introduction to the Case Study

2.2 Models, Views, and Diagrams

2.3 Information Systems and IT Systems

2.4 The Models of our Case Study

2.5 History of UML: Methods and Notations

2.6 Requirement Specification

2.7 UML 2.0

Modeling Business Systems

3.1 Business Processes and Business Systems

3.2 One Model—Two Views

3.3 External View

The Internal View

Modeling IT Systems

4.1 External View

4.2 Structural View

4.3 The Behavioral View

4.4 Interaction View

Modeling for System Integration

5.1 Terminology of System Integration

5.2 Messages in UML

5.3 One Model—Two Views

5.4 Process View

5.5 The Static View