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SOA Approach to Integration


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Integration Architecture, Principles, and Patterns

Integration Challenges

Requirements and Strategies

Importance of a Centrally Managed Integration Project

Integration Architecture Steps and Approaches

Types of Integration

Integration Infrastructure

Integration Technologies

The Integration Process

Integration Patterns


Service- and Process-Oriented Architectures for Integration

Defining Service-Oriented Architectures

Concepts and Principles of SOA

Introducing SOA Architecture

XML and Web Services: SOA Foundation

Using Services to Compose Business Processes

SOA Security and Transactions

Infrastructure Needed for SOA

Designing Services and Processes for Portability

Transition to Process-Oriented Architectures


Best Practices for Using XML for Integration


Tips for Designing XML Schemas

Using XSL for Transformation

Securing XML Documents

XML Streaming and DOM


SOA and Web Services Approach for Integration

Designing Service-Oriented Architectures

Designing Sound Web Services for Integration

Differences between B2B and EAI Web Services

Writing Interoperable WSDL Definitions

Interoperability Challenges in Web Services

Guidelines for Creating Interoperable Web Services

Java EE and .NET Integration using Web Services


BPEL and the Process-Oriented Approach to Integration

Process-Oriented Integration Architectures

Service Composition

SOA and Executable Business Processes

BPEL for Service Composition

Writing BPEL Processes

Developing an Example BPEL Process


Service- and Process-Oriented Approach to Integration Using Web Services