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Learning Anime Studio


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Stepping into the World of Animation

Constructing your animation blueprint

Differing techniques offer various experiences

Introducing Anime Studio

Installing Anime Studio

Opening Anime Studio for the first time

Editing Anime Studio preferences

Setting up your first document


Drawing in Anime Studio

Mouse versus tablet drawing

Understanding the basics of vector and raster graphics

Exploring the Draw and Fill tools


Exploring Layers and Timelines

Simplifying layers

Controlling layers with different tools

Creating and working with layers

Mapping out animation

Changing your view of the action


Enhancing Your Art with the Layer Settings Panel and Style Palette

Exploring the Layer Settings panel

Animating layer effects

Other general options for layers

Applying shadows and shades to the layer

Designing with the Style palette


Bringing a Cartoon Character to Life

Thinking about design

Understanding the basics of bone animation

Labeling, coloring, and hiding bones

Animating bones

Creating dynamic bones

Understanding basic Smart Bone actions

Working with Smart Bone dials

Creating your first character

Rigging your character

Polishing things up


Developing Your Cartoon's Scenery

Being consistent

Discussing scene design

Setting up shots effectively

Drawing your scenery

Creating scene depth

Polishing up your scene


Creating a Library of Actions and Assets

Setting up a content folder

Saving assets to the library

Searching for assets and adding them to the Favorites folder

Importing assets from the library

Editing your library assets

Creating variations of your library assets

Importing a project file's assets directly

Bringing in third-party library files

Importing other file types

Using built-in library assets

Creating reusable animations using the Actions panel

Inserting references versus inserting copies

Working with scripts


Animating Your Characters

Following your blueprint

Animating characters nonlinearly

Finding a workflow

Putting it all together

Opening the scene file

Bringing in your characters and props

Experimenting with character animation

Incorporating facial expressions

Creating a conversation


Exporting, Editing, and Publishing

Previewing your work

Choosing your file format

Exporting your scenes

Exploring different video editors

Breaking down the editing process

Creating titles in a video editor

Exporting your completed project

Finding an audience