PacktLib: Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development

Xamarin Cross-platform Application Development


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Xamarin Setup

The Xamarin tools

Installing Xcode

Installing Xamarin

Setting up the Android emulator

Enrolling in the iOS Developer Program

Registering as a Google Play developer


Hello Platforms!

Building your first iOS application

Understanding Apple's MVC pattern

Using Xcode and storyboards

Building your first Android application

Android activities

Xamarin's Android designer


Code Sharing Between iOS and Android

Learning the MVVM design pattern

Comparing project organization strategies

Working with portable class libraries

Using preprocessor statements

Simplifying dependency injection

Implementing Inversion of Control


XamChat – a Cross-platform App

Describing our sample application concept

Developing our model layer

Writing a mock web service

Writing the ViewModel layer

Writing unit tests


XamChat for iOS

Understanding the basics of an iOS app

Using UINavigationController

Implementing the login screen

Using segues and UITableView

Adding a friends list screen

Adding a list of messages

Composing messages


XamChat for Android

Introducing Android Manifest

Adding a login screen

Using ListView and BaseAdapter

Implementing the friends list

Composing messages


Deploying and Testing on Devices

iOS provisioning

Android device settings

Understanding the linker

Understanding AOT compilation

Avoiding common memory pitfalls


Web Services with Push Notifications

Learning Windows Azure

Setting up your Azure account

Exploring Azure Mobile Services

Creating tables and scripts

Adding a backend to XamChat

Using the Apple Push Notification service

Implementing Google Cloud Messaging


Third-party Libraries

The Xamarin Component Store

Porting existing C# libraries

Objective-C bindings

Java bindings


Contacts, Camera, and Location

Introducing Xamarin.Mobile

Accessing contacts

Looking up GPS location

Accessing the photo library and camera


App Store Submission

Following the iOS App Store Review Guidelines

Submitting an app to the iOS App Store

Signing your Android applications

Submitting the app to Google Play

Tips for a successful mobile app