PacktLib: Mastering Sublime Text

Mastering Sublime Text


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Installing Sublime Text

Preparing for Sublime Text Installation

Installing Sublime Text on OS X

Installing Sublime Text on Windows 32/64 bit

Installing Sublime Text on Linux

Getting to know the Data and Packages directories

Running Sublime for the first time

Installing the Package Control ASAP


Code Editing

Discovering Search and Replace

Mastering Column and Multiple Selection

Navigating through everything

Using the must-have SublimeCodeIntel

Linting with SublimeLinter

The must-know shortcuts map


Snippets, Macros, and Key Bindings

Getting to know a snippet

Understanding your first snippet

Using Package Control snippets

Recording, editing, and using macros

New key bindings


Customization and Theme Development

Overriding and maintaining key bindings

Understanding Sublime's base settings

Beautifying Sublime with colors and themes

Mastering Split Windows


Unravelling Vintage Mode

Understanding Vintage Mode

Setting up Vintage Mode

Experiencing Vintage Mode features

Knowing about Vintageous


Testing Using Sublime

Introduction to testing in Sublime Text

Testing in PHP development

Testing in Python development

Testing in Ruby development


Debugging Using Sublime

Introduction to debugging in Sublime Text

Debugging PHP with Xdebug

Debugging JavaScript with Web Inspector

Debugging C/C++ with GDB


Developing Your Own Plugin

Warming up before starting a plugin

Starting a plugin

Developing the plugin

Publishing our plugin