PacktLib: Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook

Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Prototyping Recipes


Sketching, scanning, and prototyping

Creating a dynamic Breadcrumb Master

Generating a dynamic welcome message

Creating a carousel with Dynamic Panel state actions – next and previous

Building a fixed Contact Us widget

Prototyping a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

Validating user input

Adding an enabled submit button to form fields

Sending form data to Salesforce

Enhanced Prototyping Recipes


Adding external HTML and CSS files

Incorporating inline frames

Embedding external videos

Including WordPress blog interactions

Adding Google photo spheres

Product visualization with flyout zoom

Using Google Maps with Geolocation

Leveraging social media logos – Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Adding app store badges – Apple iTunes and Google Play



Customizing the document template

Standardizing your annotations

Annotation for widgets

Annotations for pages

Specification customization

Wireframes and Design


Leveraging freely available widget libraries

Creating a header Master

Creating a main navigation Master

Creating a left navigation Master

Creating a footer Master

Using multiple Masters on a page

Enabling rounded turns on connectors

Using stacked flow shapes

Creating custom widget libraries

Editing custom widgets

E-commerce Solutions


Building a Contact Us form

Business-to-business (B2B) use cases

A B2B invoice inquiry

A B2B order checkout

Business-to-consumer (B2C) use cases

A B2C order status

A B2C order checkout

A Magento example

A Zen Cart example

Using Axure in Teams


Leveraging the team project basics

Creating a new shared project

Maximizing collaboration through shared projects

Checking in and checking out – making changes in a shared project

Managing shared projects

Using the team project history

Exporting a shared project

Configuring subversion on an Amazon EC2 instance

Adaptive and Responsive Web Design with Axure


Designing for adaptive and responsive layouts

Applying your responsive grid to Axure prototypes

Using jQuery to emulate media queries with Axure

Using jQuery Mobile with Axure

Building a responsive navigation example

Building a responsive home page prototype

Building a responsive gallery grid

Building a responsive landing page

Prototyping for Mobile


Using AxShare

Setting the viewport for your target mobile device

Creating a slideshow with the OnSwipeLeft and OnSwipeRight events

Mimicking a native iOS application

Leveraging dynamic panel scrolling for mobile devices

Running your prototype natively on an iOS device

Running your prototype natively on Android devices

Running your prototype natively on Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 devices

Miscellaneous Explorations


Using event triggers to play audio files

Recovering Axure files

Setting up the Android SDK for virtual application prototype demonstrations

Setting up Xcode for iPad/iPhone virtual application prototype demonstrations

Installing XAMPP for Mac OS X for local prototyping

Installing XAMPP for Windows 8.1 for local prototyping

Leveraging Google reCAPTCHA and PHP pages with Axure

Using Ajax, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP with Axure