PacktLib: 3D Printing Blueprints

3D Printing Blueprints


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Design Tools and Basics

Design basics

Choosing a modeling tool

Installing Blender

Getting acquainted with Blender

The blueprints


Mini Mug

Getting started

Creating the first shape

Creating a save point

Adjusting the view

Adding a handle

Shaping the handle

Smoothing the rough edges

Shaping the body of the mug

Joining the shapes

Flattening the bottom

Exporting for print

Extra credit


Face Illusion Vase

Getting a profile

Tracing the silhouette

Creating a vase from the lines

Using Solidify to make walls

Making a solid base

Printing the vase

Extra credit


SD Card Holder Ring

Taking measurements

Modeling the finger

Putting the ring on the floor

Making a test ring

Resizing the test ring

Adding an SD card holder

Adding the SD holder to the ring

Extra credit


Modular Robot Toy

Making the connector

Constructing a robot

Assembling the parts to print

Printing and assembly

Extra credit


D6 Spinner

Extracting the spring

Starting the project

Modeling the spring

Defining the boundaries

Building the spinner

Building a rack

Modeling the case – lid

Modeling the case – bottom

Preparing for print

Printing and assembly

Extra credit


Teddy Bear Figurine

Making a stick figure

Putting the skin on the bones

Adjusting for the third dimension

Making an armature

Drawing the details

Simplifying the model

Fixing the armature weights

Posing the bear

Inspecting before print

Extra credit


Repairing Bad Models

Downloading a 3D scanned file

Trimming the fat

Orienting the scan

Trimming more fat

Making a flat base

Detail work on the back

Cleaning up bad geometry

Making it a book end


Stretchy Bracelet

Modeling the bracelet

Printing the bracelet


Measuring – Tips and Tricks

Using a caliper

Grid paper method