PacktLib: Getting Started with Unity

Getting Started with Unity


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Getting to Know Unity3D

Introduction to game engines

Why choose Unity

What's new in Unity3D 4

Downloading Unity3D

Launching Unity3D

Unity3D's interface

Navigating through the AngryBots scene

Creating a new project and scene

Adding objects to a scene

Implementing first- and third-person views


Creating a Maze with Built-in Objects

Creating a maze based on built-in objects

Fine-tuning the level

Understanding colliders


Using Scripts to Interact with Objects

Introduction to scripting in Unity3D

Importing necessary assets

Creating our first script

Collecting objects

Adding audio

Creating and displaying an inventory system

Finishing the game


Creating and Tracking Objects

Displaying the health bar

Displaying a mini-map of the level

Creating a gun

Allowing for repeated shots


Bringing Your Game to Life with AI and Animations

Importing and configuring the 3D character

Animating the character for the game

Creating parameters and transitions

Adding basic AI to enemies

Sending messages to alert other close enemies

Creating additional states

Using waypoints to define a path


Finalizing and Optimizing Your Game

Improving the AI using breadcrumbing

Creating and updating prefabs

Keeping track of the number of lives

Animating the door that leads to the water section

Creating a menu system for your game

Keeping track of the number of lives

Optimizing the game

Exporting your game to the web

Where to go from here