PacktLib: Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook

Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook


About the Author

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Patterns and Platform Tools


Defining an app namespace

CommonJS in practice

Using platform indicators

Global logging using Ti.App.Listener

Cross-platform UI


Cross-platform HUD progress indicator

In-app notifications

Screen Break Menu

Metro Style Tab Control

Slideout Menu

Using Databases and Managing Files


Accessing your database's Ti.Filesystem

DbTableChecker SQLite table existence checking

Recursively handling files using Dossier

Tuning your SQLite database for maximum performance

Data access using DbLazyProvider

NoSQL using MongloDb

Interacting with Web Services


Consuming RSS feeds

Creating a business location map using Yahoo Local

Using Google Analytics in your app

Making SOAP service calls using SUDS.js

Using the LinkedIn Contacts API

Charting and Documents


Opening PDF documents

Using an iPad for document signatures

Creating PDF documents from images or screenshots

Generating PDF documents using jsPDF

Creating a scheduling chart using RGraph

Displaying information with Google gauges

Using Location Services


Native geolocation using basicGeo

Using the Ti.GeoProviders framework for geolocation

Multitenant geolocation

Calculating distance between addresses

Background geolocation management

Threads, Queues, and Message Passing


Queuing multiple downloads

Launching one app from another

Cross-platform URL schemes

Opening your Android app with BOOT_COMPLETED

iOS Multithreading using Web Workers

Basic Security Approaches


Implementing iOS data protection in Titanium

AES encryption using JavaScript

Basic authentication using Ti.Network.HTTPClient

Implementing a cross-platform passcode screen

Working with protected ZIP files on iOS

App Security Using Encryption and Other Techniques


Using secure properties

Object and string encryption

Working with encrypted files

Handling protected PDFs on iOS

Android lock screen monitor

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Titanium Resources

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Titanium Resources

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