PacktLib: Android Application Programming with OpenCV

Android Application Programming with OpenCV


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Setting Up OpenCV

System requirements

Setting up a development environment

Building the OpenCV samples with Eclipse

Finding documentation and help


Working with Camera Frames

Designing our app – Second Sight

Creating the Eclipse project

Enabling camera and disk access in the manifest

Creating menu and string resources

Previewing and saving photos in CameraActivity

Deleting, editing, and sharing photos in LabActivity


Applying Image Effects

Adding files to the project

Mixing color channels

Making subtle color shifts with curves

Processing a neighborhood of pixels with convolution filters

Adding the filters to CameraActivity


Recognizing and Tracking Images

Adding files to the project

Understanding image tracking

Writing an image tracking filter

Adding the tracker filters to CameraActivity


Combining Image Tracking with 3D Rendering

Adding files to the project

Defining the ARFilter interface

Building projection matrices in CameraProjectionAdapter

Modifying ImageDetectionFilter for 3D tracking

Rendering the cube in ARCubeRenderer

Adding 3D tracking and rendering to CameraActivity

Learning more about 3D graphics on Android