PacktLib: Zend Framework 2 Cookbook

Zend Framework 2 Cookbook


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Zend Framework 2 Basics


Setting up a Zend Framework 2 project

Handling routines

Understanding dependency injection

Using configurations to your benefit

The EventManager and Bootstrap classes

Translating and Mail Handling


Translating your application

Localizing your application

Sending mail

Receiving mail

Handling and Decorating Forms


Creating forms

Using form view helpers

Creating a custom form element and form view helper

Using View


Working with View

Creating a global layout template

Creating reusable Views

Using view strategies/renderers

Using context switching for a different output

Writing a custom view strategy/renderer

Configuring and Using Databases


Connecting to a database

Executing simple queries

Executing queries using TableGateway

Optimizating with a DB profiler

Creating a Database Access Object

Modules, Models, and Services


Creating a new module

Using modules as a widget

A Model and a Hydrator

A basic service

Handling Authentication


Understanding Authentication methods

Setting up a simple database Authentication

Writing a custom Authentication method

Optimizing Performance


Caching and when to Cache

Understanding and using storage plugins

Setting up a caching system

Catching Bugs


Handling Exceptions – your partner in crime

Logging and how it makes your life easier

Unit testing – why would you do it

Setting up and using unit testing

Setting up the Essentials

Setting up the Essentials

Setting up the Essentials

Setting up the Essentials

Setting up the Essentials

Setting up the Essentials