PacktLib: Dreamweaver CS6 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery Mobile

Dreamweaver CS6 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery Mobile


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Creating Sites and Pages with Dreamweaver CS6

Defining a Dreamweaver site

Creating an HTML5 page

Creating the text content

Linking to a stylesheet


Using HTML5 for Page Structure

Structuring pages with HTML5

Using HTML5 structure elements

Using Code Hints

Adding header, nav, and hgroup

Creating articles and sections

Adding aside content

Creating a footer

An HTML5 layout template

Adding metadata

Solving HTML5 compatibility challenges


Collecting Data with Forms

Capturing client-side form management with JavaScript

Defining the form and form action

Generating form fields with Spry validation

Prompting with HTML5

Designing CSS for forms

Real-world form handling


Applying CSS3 Effects and Transforms

New in CSS3–effects and transforms

CSS3 effects

CSS3 transforms

Interactive effects and transforms

Example – create an animated effect and transform


Embedding HTML5 Native Audio and Video

Native media and compatibility

Laying the groundwork

Preparing native audio

Embedding an HTML5 audio element in a Dreamweaver web page

Embedding HTML5 audio

Embedding native video

Embedding an HTML5 video


Responsive Design with Media Queries

Web design for a multimedia web world

Previewing with Multiscreen Preview

Generating a Media Query in Dreamweaver CS6

Formatting CSS files for Media Queries

Adjusting CSS for Mobile

Defining a Media Query for smartphones

Surveying alternative approaches


Creating Mobile Pages with jQuery Mobile

Mobile pages – an overview

Creating mobile pages from Dreamweaver starters

Customizing Mobile page content

Adding new jQuery Mobile pages and objects

Styling with theme swatches

Example – build a mobile web page with jQuery Mobile objects


Enhancing Mobile Sites

Inserting a layout grid

Designing Mobile Pages with collapsible blocks

Adding jQuery form objects

Building a page with collapsible blocks and a mobile-friendly form


Customizing Themes with ThemeRoller

Applying jQuery Mobile theme swatches

Customizing themes with ThemeRoller

Rolling a theme

Applying a custom theme in Dreamweaver


Building Apps with PhoneGap

Apps and mobile websites

Generating apps with Dreamweaver

Testing and distributing apps