PacktLib: HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS

HTML5 Game Development with ImpactJS



About the Authors

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Firing Up Your First Impact Game

Installing a XAMPP server

Installing the game engine: ImpactJS

Choosing a script editor

Running the premade game

Debugging your game with the browser and ImpactJS

Which helpful tools are out there


Introducing ImpactJS

Building your own levels

Objects – playable and non-playable characters

The camera view

Adding music and sound effects

Game physics with Box2D


Let's Build a Role Playing Game

The RPG game setting

Building an RPG level

Adding a playable character

Introducing a defeatable opponent

Giving the player some weapons

Bringing your NPCs to life with artificial intelligence

Pickup items to help out your player

Keeping score for player feedback

Transitioning from one area to another

NPCs and conversation

The final battle


Let's Build a Side Scroller Game

The side scroller game setting

Building a side scroller level

The playable character

Adding a minor foe

Introducing formidable weapons

Artificial intelligence

Pickup items

Keeping score

Transitioning from one level to another

The final battle


Adding Some Advanced Features to Your Game

The Start and Game-over screen

Handling game data

Extra functionalities for the RPG

Artificial intelligence: The hive mind

Implementing Playtomic for game analytics


Music and Sound Effects

Making or buying the music

Buying tunes and sound effects

Making a basic tune using FL Studio

Adding background music to your game

Playing a sound when an action has happened

Tips when using sound files in your game



Making/buying the graphics

Where to buy graphics

Introduction to vector graphics

Creating your own avatar using Adobe Photoshop

Adding your creation to the RPG

Hints for graphics in HTML5


Adapting Your HTML5 Game to the Distribution Channels

Preparing your game for the web browser

Preparing our game for mobile web browsers

Turning the game into a web app for the Google Chrome Web Store

Pushing your game to Android's Google play store

Making your game available on Facebook

Direct canvas game acceleration with AppMobi


Making Money with Your Game

Your game development strategy

Making money with game apps

In-game advertising

Selling distribution rights with MarketJS