PacktLib: HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker

HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker


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Getting to Know the Studio with Your First Game

Making HTML game development easy

Setting up the software

Our first look at the Studio

Exploring the resource editors

Tools for debugging your games


Triple 'A' Games: Art and Audio

Manufacturing art assets

Importing sprite sheets

Introducing the image editor

Animating and creating sprites

Manufacturing audio

Using the GM:S Audio engine

Raising the quality bar


Shoot 'em Up: Creating a Side-scrolling Shooter

Coding conventions

Building the player

Constructing three little enemies

Controlling the game with the Overlord

Dealing with the life and death of the player

Drawing the user interface

Adding the finishing details to the game


The Adventure Begins

Creating animated characters

Navigating between rooms

Bringing enemies to life

Adding finishing details to the game


Platform Fun

Structuring systems-based code

Building the player

Setting up the room

Building a boss battle

Winding it up


Toppling Towers

Understanding the physics engine

Building a tower toppling game

Adding in the collision sounds

Building the demolition equipment

Completing the game


Dynamic Front Ends

Setting up the rooms

Rebuilding the HUD

Adding risk and reward to destruction

Adding introductory text to each level

Saving the player's progress


Playing with Particles

Introducing particle effects

Adding particle effects to the game


Get Your Game Out There

Releasing a game on your own site

Integrating with Facebook

Tracking the game with Flurry Analytics

Making money with your games