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Apple Motion 5 Cookbook


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Getting Around the Interface


Choosing a Motion project

Importing files to the Canvas, Layers tab, and Timeline

Importing Photoshop and Illustrator files

Making selections with Expose

Changing the layer order

Groups versus layers

Making changes in the Properties tab, HUD, and Canvas

Moving and trimming layers in the Timeline and the mini-Timeline

Launching and customizing a template

Keyboard customization

Looking under the hood – key preferences for your workflows

Sequencing stills in the Timeline

Managing the Layers tab

Looking at Motion's Library


A brief tour of the Library tab

Importing files from the Content library

Applying a Glow filter to a layer

Copying filters and applying filters to a group

Controlling the filter order

The power of cloning

The power of blend modes

Customizing a gradient generator

Applying a blend mode to a gradient

Adding a frame and changing a drop zone's content

Adding a Flourish and applying filters

Making It Move with Behaviors


Applying a Fade In/Fade Out and Grow/Shrink behavior to a still

Customizing a Motion Path

Spinning and throwing a ball

Adding an Attractor and Attracted To behavior

Adding Edge Collision and Gravity behaviors to a ball

Creating Random Motion using the Randomize behavior

Stop, Wriggle, Rate, and Quantize

Using the Link behavior

An intro to Text behaviors

Writing on your shape's outline

Creating constant and variable speed changes

Holding and looping your animations

Making It Move with Keyframes


Moving a still's anchor point and keyframing its scale

Deleting and disabling keyframes

Keyframing a group

Autokeyframing multiple parameters on a shape

Working with multiple parameters in the Keyframe Editor

Moving keyframes in the Keyframe Editor

Reversing keyframes

Understanding and changing the interpolation

Converting behaviors into keyframes

Combining keyframes and behaviors – animating a Photoshop file

Combining keyframes and behaviors – animating a clock

Let's Make Text


Changing the text format

Changing the text style

Changing the layout and creating text on a path

Adding and trimming multiple text behaviors

Sequence Text

Using the Transform Glyph tool

Saving your favorite text animations and styles

Using vector images from the Special Characters library

Using videos and textures to fill text

Creating a lower third for FCP X

Paint and Masks


Using the Paint Stroke tool

Changing Shape Style and Width Over Stroke

Using Sequence Paint

The relationship between shapes and Paint

Using shape masks

Creating a garbage matte for a green screen

Adding a video to a television screen

Applying multiple masks to an image and changing mask modes

Using image masks

Creating an advanced logo effect with shapes and masks

Let's Make Particles


Making particles and changing values in the HUD

Tweaking particle parameters in the Inspector

Adding randomness values

Working with particle behaviors

Working with particle presets

Working with particle presets in 3D

Using an image sequence in a particle emitter

Working with and manipulating multiple cells

Creating a tunnel through the frame effect

Creating your own Bokeh

Replicators – It's No Fun By Yourself


Creating a replicator and changing parameters in the HUD

Tweaking replicator parameters in the Inspector

Working with the Sequence Replicator behavior

Keyframing the replicator's parameters

Working with replicator presets

Making it 3D! Looking at 3D options for replicators

Adding a camera to interact with your replicator

Creating your own video wall

Faking 3D extrusion with shapes

Motion Tracking and Keying


Stabilizing a clip

Analyze and Match Move

Offset tracking

Match Move Four Corner

Luma-keying a logo

Keying a green screen

Advanced green screen techniques

The Pleasantville effect

Intro to 3D


Making it 3D

Moving a camera versus moving a layer

Where am I again? Controlling the view of your world using viewports

Adjust Around

Integrating 3D and 2D

Using the Framing camera behavior

Let's add some light

Creating reflections

Turning on Depth of Field

Publishing Your Work to FCP X


Opening and changing text from FCP X in Motion

Publishing a Motion 5 generator and its parameters to FCP X

Creating an effect for FCP X

Creating a transition for FCP X

Publishing parameters versus publishing rigs 101 – part 1

Publishing parameters versus publishing rigs 101 – part 2

Combining a slider, checkbox, and pop-up rig – part 1

Combining a slider, checkbox, and pop-up rig – part 2

Combining a slider, checkbox, and pop-up rig – part 3

Customization and Exporting


Changing your background, color, and safe zones

Creating your own project presets

Exporting a full-resolution copy of your project

Exporting to DVD

Exporting a still image and image sequence

Exporting an alpha channel and video separately

Exporting using Compressor

Saving a template