PacktLib: Mastering Apple Aperture

Mastering Apple Aperture


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Advanced Importing and Organizing

A closer look at the import dialog

Managed versus Referenced

Making Aperture's library work for you

Organizing your library

Managing multiple libraries

Library troubleshooting

Managing RAW + JPEG

Shooting tethered


Advanced Adjustments

Understanding Aperture's adjustment tree

Adding default adjustments

Multiple adjustments

Brushes-tips and tricks

Cloning and healing

Highlights and Shadows tool

Saving, editing, and managing effect presets


Noise reduction


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Curves

Curves basics

Controlling contrast and brightness with Curves

Warming up and cooling down

Tinting shadows and highlights with Curves

Using the eyedropper and automatic modes

Extended range Curves

Multiple Curves adjustments

Curves adjustment versus Levels adjustment

Real world examples


Aperture in Action

Controlling clipped highlights

Fixing blown out skies

Removing objects from a scene

Fixing dust spots on multiple images

Tips for fixing chromatic aberration

Fixing purple fringing

Creating fake duotones

Fixing scanned negatives


Extending Aperture

When and why you need to go outside Aperture

What Aperture does when you use a plugin

Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper

Where to find plugins

Working with external editors

Working with Photoshop

Photoshop alternatives

Working with third-party RAW converters

Working with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Exporting and Outputting to the Web

Setting preview settings

Using OS X media browser

Exporting versions

Setting export presets

Blogging from Aperture – the easy way

Blogging from Aperture – the proper way

Export plugins

Exporting to Facebook and Flickr

Sharing with Photo Stream

Creating a quick iPad Portfolio with Photo Stream


Making Metadata Work for You

Why good metadata is important

Aperture's Info tab

Creating metadata templates

Different ways of entering keywords

Entering captions and titles quickly

Batch changing metadata

Adding custom metadata

Searching and smart folders


Getting Better Prints from Aperture

Calibrating your display

Onscreen Proofing

The print dialog

Creating print presets

Printing and saving to PDF

Creating a digital contact sheet to e-mail to clients

Using the book tool for elaborate print layouts

Ordering prints using Apple's print service

Ordering prints from a third-party service