PacktLib: Marmalade SDK Mobile Game Development Essentials

Marmalade SDK Mobile Game Development Essentials


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Getting Started with Marmalade

Installing the Marmalade SDK

Creating a Marmalade project

Deploying a Marmalade project


Resource Management and 2D Graphics Rendering

The Marmalade ITX file format

The Marmalade resource manager

Graphics APIs provided by the Marmalade SDK

Using IwGx to render 2D graphics

Example code


User Input

Detecting key input

Detecting touch screen and pointer input

Detecting accelerometer input

Example code


3D Graphics Rendering

A quick 3D graphics primer

Using IwGx to render 3D graphics

Using a 3D modeling package to create model data

The Marmalade 3D model datafile formats

Loading and rendering an exported 3D model

Example code


Animating 3D Graphics

A quick 3D animation primer

Using a 3D modeling package to create animation data

The Marmalade 3D animation file formats

Loading and rendering an exported 3D animation

Exploring 3D animation further

Example code


Implementing Fonts, User Interfaces, and Localization

Implementing fonts

Implementing user interfaces

Localizing your project

Example code


Adding Sound and Video

Multimedia support in Marmalade

The s3eAudio API

The s3eSound API

The SoundEngine module

The s3eVideo API

Example code


Supporting a Wide Range of Devices

Accommodating a wide range of device types

Configuring your game using ICF file settings

Creating multiple resource sets

Compressing resources using the Derbh archiver

Creating different deployment types

Example code


Adding Social Media and Other Online Services

Launching a web page in the device browser

Integrating with social media

Connecting to other types of online services

Example code


Extending Marmalade with the Extensions Development Kit (EDK)

Why is the EDK necessary?

Creating an extension for gyroscope input

Using the Gyroscope extension

Example code