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ActionScript Graphing Cookbook


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Getting Started with Graph Drawing


Drawing in two dimensions

Building point charts

Creating a line graph based on a function

Adding labels and axes

Graphing a spreadsheet

Area charts

Multiple area charts

Styling a graph

Adding legends

Using Flex for charts

Working with Data


Preparing your data

Embedding CSV files

Loading a data file from the Internet

Loading a file from the local hard drive

Loading data with XML

Loading data from Excel files

Consuming the REST services

Exporting data as CSV to import in Excel

Exporting data to a PDF file

Creating Bar Charts


Drawing a bar chart with Flex

Building vertical bar charts

Creating comparison bar charts

Drawing histograms

Creating sparklines to enrich text content

Making 3D bar charts

Drawing Different Types of Graphs


Drawing a pie chart with Flex

Creating donut charts

Drawing meters and gauges

Making Venn diagrams

Building pyramid charts

Drawing bubble charts

Creating tag clouds

Creating a treemap

Adding Interaction


Zooming and panning around a graph

Sending data updates to the graph

Making the points interactive: Hovering

Selecting data points in the graph

A dynamic graph based on an editable table

Dragging data points to new values

Linking graphs

Mapping Geographical and Spatial Data


Showing a map using the API

Adding points of interest to a map

Parsing data to use as region fill

Coloring a map

Adding multiple layers to a map

Overlaying a heat map

Animating a Graph


Animating between two data sets

Animating a meter

Automatic updates

Zooming in on a specific data set

Animating subway locations

Creating a Relational Network


Preparing the data

Creating the visual for a node

Arranging and linking the nodes

Navigating through the relational network

Animating the transitions

Adding sounds

Creating Three-Dimensional Graphs


Drawing in 3D: a 3D starter project

Creating a 3D column chart

Moving around the chart

Beyond the cube, drawing different shapes

Graphing tabular data in 3D

Styling the graph with different materials

Graphing a function in three dimensions

Working with Various 3D Graph Types


Mapping keyboard usage in 3D, part 1: The model

Mapping keyboard usage in 3D, part 2: The data

3D world population chart, part 1: The globe

3D world population chart, part 2: Dressing up

3D world population chart, part 3: The data