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Lateral Thinking


What to do when color options disappear

Copying and pasting from Numbers to Pages

Stacking photos by using the Bring to Front and Send to Back options to layer photos

Using Command + F to search long documents when editing

Working with Text


Changing font (typeface) using toolbar, menus, or Font Panel—when to use which

Blank paragraphs versus spaces after paragraphs

Fitting more text on a page than it can hold

Using tabs to stop text sticking to the edges of a colored background

Creating smudged highlights for text

Creating drop caps with the Custom Image bullets

Working Across Platforms and Applications


Dragging a Word file onto the Pages icon to open it

Opening the Excel documents in Numbers, editing them, and exporting them back into Excel

Keynote and PowerPoint—working together

Using screenshots and PNG files—shortcuts, options, and tricks

Fitting files of other formats into iWork documents

Making JPEG images from iWork documents

Making a good PDF from an iWork document, and CMYK PDFs for professional printing

Dragging and dropping files from one application to another

Where to Find Shortcuts and How to Remember Them


Shortcuts for opening new documents, new folders, and duplicates

Saving and autosaving—don't rely on Auto Save

Send to Back and Bring to Front—iWork-specific shortcuts

Grouping and ungrouping—making multiple elements into one

Undo and Redo—the most important shortcuts

Working with Photos: Tips and Tricks


Placing, cropping, editing, moving, and resizing photos

Masking photos, and the magnifying glass trick

Masking versus Image Fill—when Image Fill is easier than Masking

Background images—setting a photo as the background and finding suitable photos

Removing and changing the background in photos with Instant Alpha

Using "patches" to improve photos

Making cutouts with edited masks

Graphic Design—Working with Clip Art and Making Your Own


Making symbols from Character Palette into clip art—where to find clip art for iWork

Using elements of iWork templates as clip art—clipping a photo to a hand-written note

Making your digital photos into a piece of clip art

Putting images inside letters—filling letters with photos and other graphic images

Turning a star into a thought bubble—how to edit shapes

Graphic Design: Making Your Own Logo


Editing basic shapes to create a logo

Adding or deleting editing points to create a heart shape

Drawing logos with the free draw tool: Picasso's dog

Rectangle, oval, and arrow: stacking, editing, and finding the right color

Drawing a human shape and turning it into a logo

Making your own images by tracing photos and other images: drawing a Robin

Writing letters for your logo with the draw tool: the principles of a good logo

PDFs and Professional Printing


Producing a CMYK-separated PDF for a professional print shop

Setting PDFs for professional print shops, and a few tips

Understanding the elements of a print-shop-ready document

Finding the right print shop

Planning Large, Long-term Projects


Preparing a full set of promotional literature

Creating a custom bulleted list when planning a brochure

Designing the title in print or electronic format

Using iWork templates to create your own media placeholder

Using styles to create a company brand look

Setting the document size—what to keep in mind when preparing a book in iWork

Designing from Scratch: Beyond Templates

Editing a shape to create a graphic design element

Drawing curved lines to enhance the graphic detail in a design

Using flowing colors for graphic headings

Using the color picker to create a custom color palette

Fading an image from side to side with an overlapping object

Setting custom document dimensions

Using columns and Text Boxes to lay out text

Designing repeating elements such as footer and object co-ordinates, and creating sections

Mastering Numbers: Tips, Techniques, and Fun


Rearranging rows and columns

Hiding columns instead of deleting them

Adding up selected cells

Setting and using formulas in financial documents

Making documents secure and private

Adding pictures to cells

Using color coding—changing table row colors and setting cells to change color automatically

Using clip art and photos in charts—the unbeatable visual effect of Numbers documents

Keynote Uncovered: a Few Techniques


Adding text to Keynote slides

Placing and editing photos in Keynote slides

Copying Keynote slides into Pages and Numbers

Adding audio files to slideshows

Making QuickTime movies from Keynote slideshows