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Articulate Studio Cookbook


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Getting Started with Articulate Suite


Launching Articulate Presenter

Publishing a simple, slide-only course for a website

Adding a background theme

Modifying slide masters

Adding a learning game to your course

Create Your Course with Presenter


Animating images and objects

Adding audio narration to your slides

Editing audio

Adding background music to your presentation

Syncing the animations with narrations

Adding video to your course

Adding video from the Web

Highlighting specific slide information

Preparing Your Player


Adding your company's logo

Setting up a player template

Setting up course defaults

Attaching external resources to your course

Previewing and publishing your course

Creating Assessments and Courses with Quizmaker


Setting up a quiz template

Adding a basic graded question

Adding a basic survey question

Creating a hotspot question

Customizing the question and answer

Adding images to a slide

Changing a slide's background color and theme

Creating slide masters

Adding audio to a slide

Adding video

Taking Your Quiz to the Next Level


Creating a simple storyline in Quizmaker

Adding animation to your quiz

Creating a branched story

Creating a randomized question bank

What about the results?

Previewing and publishing your course or quiz

Creating Interactive Content with Engage


Setting up an Engage template

Step-by-step approach for a Process interaction

Adding images and video in Engage

Adding and editing audio

Using Engage to create a glossary

Creating a labeled graphic

Previewing and publishing your interaction

Basic Video Editing with Video Encoder


Creating an FLV video for using in your course

Cutting out a specific video segment

Branding your video

Editing audio in your video

Creating your own webcam video

Customizing your encoding settings

Combining All Three


Adding a quiz to Presenter

Adding an interaction to Presenter

Using hyperlinks and branching to create a story

Adding screencasts to your project

Placing a glossary in the tab area

Adding video to the logo and presenter panels

Creating consistency when combining everything

Getting a new wardrobe

Creating special images or video questions in Quizmaker