PacktLib: Learning Adobe Edge Animate

Learning Adobe Edge Animate


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Introducing Adobe Edge Animate

The history of Adobe Edge Animate

The inner workings of Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate and Adobe Flash Professional

Installing Adobe Edge Animate and getting started


Drawing and Adjusting Composition Elements

Adobe Edge Animate drawing tools

Drawing elements upon the Stage

Properties unique to rectangle and ellipse elements

Adobe Edge Animate menu items


Selecting and Transforming Elements

Locating the Selection and Transform tools

The Selection tool

The Transform tool

The Edge Animate Stage

Building responsive compositions

The Elements panel

Properties shared by all element types

Adobe Edge Animate menu items


Using Text and Web Fonts

Locating the Text tool

The Text tool

Creating text elements on the Stage

Properties unique to text elements

Text shadows

Using web fonts in Adobe Edge Animate

Managing fonts in the Edge Animate Library


Importing External Assets

Importing external assets

Scalable Vector Graphics

Bitmap images

Working with imported assets

Importing Symbol Libraries

Exporting assets from other Creative Suite applications


Creating Motion Through the Timeline

Animation within Edge Animate

The Edge Animate Timeline

Creating motion

Editing transitions

Animating a website header

Automated animation techniques

Adobe Edge Animate menu items


Interactivity with Actions, Triggers, and Labels

Working with Edge Animate actions

Changing the mouse cursor


The Code panel

Action and trigger breakdown

Adding interactivity to a website header

Using touch actions for mobile devices

Adobe Edge Animate menu items


Making Use of Symbols, Nested Elements, and Grouping

What are Symbols in Edge Animate?

Creating and managing Symbols

Sharing Symbols across Edge Animate compositions

Properties unique to Symbol instances

Nesting elements

Adobe Edge Animate menu items


Advanced Animation Techniques


Animating with sprite sheets

Animating with PNG sequences


Publishing Edge Animate Compositions

Publishing an Edge Animate composition

Publish Settings

Capturing a poster image

Down-level Stage

Using project preloaders

Publishing a composition


Further Explorations with Adobe Edge Animate

The Adobe Edge Animate Runtime API

Modifying existing web content in Edge Animate

Integrating Edge Animate content into existing websites

Embedding more than one Edge Animate composition within a web page

Measuring page load through Chrome Developer tools

Advanced CSS treatments in Edge Animate

Video support in Adobe Edge Animate

Compositional audio integration

Using Adobe Edge Inspect with Edge Animate