PacktLib: UDK iOS Game Development Beginner's Guide

UDK iOS Game Development Beginner's Guide


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Getting Started on UDK with iOS

Defining UDK

Time for action—installing UDK on your PC

UDK directory overview

Setting up for iOS development with UDK

Time for action—downloading and installing UDK Remote

Time for action—matching Mobile Previewer settings with your iOS device

Describing the concept of Urban Warrior, a third-person shooter title


Beginning Urban Warrior, a Third-person Shooter

Starting out

Time for action—creating a basic room

Time for action—texturing the level

Time for action—lighting the level

Time for action—adding static mesh detail


Taking It to the Next Level: Enriching with Content

The outside world

Time for action—creating an exterior

Previewing the mobile editor

Time for action—adding a particle system

Time for action—adding fog


Using Kismet and Matinee

Defining Kismet

Creating your first Kismet sequence

Time for action—changing the level to a third-person perspective

Kismet primer

Benefits and drawbacks of using Kismet

Defining Matinee

Creating your first Matinee movie

Time for action—opening cutscene

With our powers combined...

Time for action—creating an automatic door

Kismet for mobile devices

Mobile Kismet—actions

Mobile Kismet—events

Give some input to the situation

Time for action—adding input


Action Sequences for Urban Warrior

Sequences and you

Time for action—spawning AI into our level

Time for action—base enemy AI

Time for action—base enemy AI

Time for action—creating a second enemy

Time for action—regenerating player health over time

Time for action—door prefab


Bringing it All Together

Starting a workflow

Time for action—starting our level

Geometry mode

Building our level

Time for action—building our level

Combat scenarios

Time for action—first combat scenario

Time for action—end of level


Advanced Content Creation for Urban Warrior

Main menu environment creation

Time for action—building main menu backdrop

Importing textures

Time for action—finishing the main menu

Adding sounds

Time for action—playing a sound effect

Customizing sounds

Adding music

Time for action—adding a background music track

Custom materials

Time for action—customizing brushes

Custom meshes

Time for action—importing custom objects




Publishing and Monetizing Your Game

Before the magic happens

Time for action—creating new provisioning

Time for action—requesting a Distribution Certificate


Pop quiz—Answers

Pop quiz—Answers

Pop quiz—Answers

Pop quiz—Answers

Pop quiz—Answers