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Unity iOS Essentials


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Planning Ahead for a Unity3D iOS Game

iOS device differences

Unity support for multiple iOS devices

Understanding iOS SDKs and target platforms

Set up an iOS App for multiple target building

Planning efficient levels


iOS Performance Guide

Choose the right game

Unified graphic architecture

Dos and Don'ts

Culling is important


Advanced Game Concepts

Engaging menus

Dealing with device screen resolutions

Testing iOS games in the editor

Using shaders to solve real-world problems

Organizing game objects for easy asset sharing


Flyby Background

Set up a background scene

Set up the camera path

Set up the main menu

Testing the scene in the editor

Setup for multiple iOS device deployment

Deploy the App to multiple devices

Task: create the background scene

Task: create a path to follow

Task: putting it all together with the menu

Challenge: flipping the iOS device


Scalable Sliding GUIs

Think about resolution not pixels

Separating dialogs from contents

Dialog location, animation, and speed

Task: script a scalable dialog

Task: script some dialog contents

Challenge: making things flexible in the editor

Challenge: creating custom GUI elements


Preferences and Game State

Introducing .NET

Understanding property lists

Handling different game players

Deciding where to put files

Task: load and save the players' preferences

Task: create a GUI to get the players' names

Challenge: load and save the player's game state


The Need for Speed

Adding a four-wheeled vehicle

Managing physics

Realistic and fast foliage

Culling made easy

Task: build your track

Task: create a death zone

Challenge: eliminate Z-Fighting


Making it real

Lighting and lightmapping the track

Particles that pop

Shaders in the game world

Water that works

Task: The final track

Task: Create a rich and engaging scene


Putting it all together

Ending or suspending the game under multitasking

Top scores board

Task: Publish results online

Task: Build and deploy the finished game to multiple iOS devices