PacktLib: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Beginner's Guide

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Beginner's Guide


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Getting Acquainted with your New Best Friend: Vegas Pro 11 Overview

A note on your computer

Getting help

Getting to know the windows: Exploring the Vegas Pro 11 interface

Customizing the User Interface

Time for action — customizing the Vegas User Interface

Beginner's Guide to Vegas Pro 11 Media

Video Killed the Radio Star


Let the Magic Begin: Beginning the Project and Acquiring Media

Creating a project

Project Properties

Time for action — using the supplied clips to set Project Properties

Time for action — setting Project Properties from scratch

The Preview Monitor

Time for action — importing media

The Smart tool and media clips

Keyboard Shortcuts


Video Editing Concepts and Application

Editing: A light history lesson

Time for action — creating a second version of our project

What makes a good edit or cut

Time for action — selecting edit points in our media clips

Method two: Multicamera tool

Time for action — creating edits with the Multicamera tool

Event panning and cropping tool

Time for action — making a creative zoom with the Pan/Crop tool

Time for more action removing an unwanted shadow

Slow and fast motion

Time for action — using slow motion as a creative tool


Essential Editing Tools

Important preliminary points

Video effects (a.k.a. FX)

Time for action — applying global FX to our media

Time for action — applying FX to individual clips

Time for action — removing the muted media clips


Time for action — using transitions

Media generators

Time for action — media generators

The advent of 3D editing


Eye Catching Titles, Text, and Effects

Titles and text

Time for action — working with the SONY Pro Type Titler

Time for action — animating our title

Time for action — making a series of credits with the Sony Pro Type Titler

Transitions: The key to a smooth flow

Time for action — creating effective transitions


Color Correction Techniques

A note on our project

What are White Balance and Level Correction?

Time for action — using the White Balance tool

Level correction

Time for action — using the Levels plugin

Another way of looking at changes to levels and colors

Time for action — practical use of Levels and the Waveform scope

Time for action — using Levels and the Histogram scope on our project

Time for action — learning to read the Vectorscope

Time for action — color correction

Time for action — removing the redness using the Color Corrector Secondary plugin


Look, I Made it Move!!—Automating Tools in Sony Vegas

Pan/crop and zooming automation

Time for action — automating the pan/crop tool

Parameter automation

Time for action — automating parameters

The Track Motion Tool

Time for action — using Track Motion to move two tracks together

Time for action — adding Motion Blur


The Importance of Audio

Concepts of audio

Audio 101

Time for action — load and listen to the tones file


Time for action — using the EQ plugin to equalize a guitar sound

Time for action — using the Compressor plugin to change an audio clip

The mixing console

Time for action — using the mixing console


Soundtrack of our Lives: Audio for Video

Recording the spoken word

Recording a voice over into Vegas Pro 11

Time for action — recording audio into Vegas Pro 11

Music copyright

Surround sound concepts and Vegas Pro

Time for action — using Surround Sound tools in Vegas Pro 11


Can I put this on YouTube?: Rendering and Delivering the Final Project

Video compression

Audio formats available

Rendering video and audio for DVD Architect

Time for action - preparing Master Files for DVD Architect

Rendering for the Web

Time for action - burning a disc directly from the timeline


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