PacktLib: Dreamweaver CS5.5 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery

Dreamweaver CS5.5 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery


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Creating HTML5 Pages in Dreamweaver

HTML5 and Dreamweaver CS5 in the world of web design

HTML5 and Dreamweaver CS5.5

An introduction to HTML5 layout elements

Dreamweaver's HTML5 Pack and design elements

Detecting or installing the HTML5 Pack in Dreamweaver

Creating a Dreamweaver site

Generating new pages from layouts using the HTML5 templates

Examining the generated HTML5 layout

Saving a layout as a web page

Recipe: Creating and saving a 3-column HTML5 page


Customizing HTML5 Layout–Content and Look

Customizing layouts – An overview

Editing content in HTML5 page layout elements

Identifying style rules

Customizing HTML tag rules

Saving customized HTML5 layouts

Recipe: Customize content and look of an HTML5 page


Customizing HTML5 Layout Elements

HTML5 layout and browser compatibility challenges

Global HTML5 layout element attributes

Customizing HTML5 elements

Back to the future: ID and class styles

Recipe: Customizing the HTML5 page layout


Building HTML5 Pages from Scratch

Dreamweaver CS5 and HTML5

Building an HTML5 page from the top

Using HTML5 to make content accessible

HTML5 layout strategy

Using code hints

Adding header, header nav, and hgroup

Creating articles and sections

Adding aside content

Creating a footer

Adding metadata

Recipe Part 1: Build a style sheet for an HTML5 page layout

Recipe Part 2: Build an HTML5 layout from scratch


Defining and Implementing Multiscreen Previews and Media Queries

Web design for a multimedia web world

Previewing with the Multiscreen Preview

Generating a Media Query in Dreamweaver

Formatting CSS files for Media Queries

Troubleshooting for Apple i-Gadgets

Exercise: Defining a Media Query for a cell phone


Applying CSS3 Effects and Transforms

New in CSS3: Effects and transforms

CSS3 effects

CSS3 transforms

Interactive effects and transforms

Recipe: Create an animated effect and transform


Embedding HTML5 Audio in Dreamweaver

Audio and compatibility

Laying the groundwork: HTML5 and page-building

Making audio HTML5-ready

Embedding an HTML5 audio element in a Dreamweaver CS5 web page

Alternative media options

Recipe: Embedding HTML5 audio


Embedding HTML5 Video in Dreamweaver

HTML5 video and Dreamweaver CS5.5

The wild world of native videos

Preparing an HTML5 video for every scenario

Compressing videos for the Web

Creating Mobile Pages with jQuery

Mobile pages – An overview

Creating mobile pages from Dreamweaver CS5.5 starters

Customizing mobile page content

Adding new jQuery Mobile pages and objects

Customizing mobile page CSS styles

Looking ahead: Generating mobile apps

Recipe: Build a mobile web page with jQuery Mobile objects


Adding jQuery Mobile Elements

Creating jQuery Mobile pages from scratch

Inserting a Layout Grid

Designing mobile pages into a collapsible block

Adding jQuery form objects

Recipe: Build a page with collapsible blocks and a form


Generating Apps

Generating apps from Dreamweaver—an overview

Configuring application framework(s)

The App toolkits

Defining mobile application settings

Building and emulating apps

Testing mobile apps on your computer

Recipe: Building and emulating a mobile app