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Mudbox 2013 Cookbook


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Ready? Set...


Installing Mudbox 2013 documentation

Setting up hotkeys

Increasing the resolution on your model

Bookmarking the camera view

Downloading and enabling stamps, stencils, and base meshes from the Internet

Adding and adjusting your image planes

Sculpting on different subdivision levels effectively

Recording a movie while you work in Mudbox

Setting up colors and other preferences

Setting up your Wacom tablet

Working in expert mode

Heads Up


Revealing the wireframe for edge location

Setting up a basic three point lighting scheme

Organizing your tabs for smoother navigation

Locking down the camera for reference matching

Creating a stone tile by adjusting brush properties

Using the object list to manage multiple objects

Setting up layers for easily adjusting sculpt details

Setting up stamps, stencils, and image planes using image browser

Broad Strokes


Creating a concrete damage brush

Customizing your brush and adding it to your tool tab

Creating your own Imprint brush for adding presculpted details

Using the Freeze brush to get hard edges and isolate your sculpting

Using the Fill brush for detailing corners and crevices

Matching a reference silhouette using the Grab tool

Fine Tooth Comb


Creating a zipper using a custom stamp

Creating a custom stencil from a stone wall carving

Creating a rock wall that tiles seamlessly in all directions

Tricks for painting with stencils

Tricks for painting with stamps

Adding a stencil or stamp to your toolbox

Creating a custom rock stamp

Get In and Get Out


Flattening to UV space

Deleting the highest level of resolution on your model

Blocking out a rough Mayan pyramid using a displacement map

Importing, exporting, and working with multiple objects within Mudbox 2013

Creating a terrain

Shine On


Creating a Blinn material

Using a simple Blinn material

Using Lit Sphere to mimic other materials

Creating a gold bar

Creating a glass sculpture

Time to Paint


Painting a rock texture using projections

Painting out seams on a rock using the Clone brush

Painting a rock Specular map

Painting a rock Bump map

Adding text to a cape using Flatten UV mode

Adding dirt to a cape using a layer as a mask

Ready for My Closeup


Creating a light

Creating a three-point lighting preset

Lighting an indoor scene with a simple light setup

Enhancing your scene with viewport filters

Creating a rock normal map with a normal map filter

Creating a turntable

One Step Forward


Posing a lamp cord by adding joints to your mesh

Posing multiple objects at the same time

Adjusting joint pivots and painting weights

Creating a human rig by importing joints

Get Baked


Extracting sculpt information as a normal map

Extracting an ambient occlusion map

Adding grunge inside crevices using the Dry Brush

Extracting and using a vector displacement map for sculpting