PacktLib: iOS Development using MonoTouch Cookbook

iOS Development Using MonoTouch Cookbook


About the Author

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Development Tools


Installing pre-requisites

Creating an iPhone project with MonoDevelop

Interface builder

Creating the UI

Accessing the UI with outlets

Adding actions


Debugging our application

User Interface: Views


Adding and customizing views

Receiving user input with buttons

Using labels to display text

Displaying images

Displaying and editing text

Using the keyboard

Displaying progress

Displaying content larger than the screen

Navigating through content divided into pages

Displaying a toolbar

Creating a custom view

User Interface: View Controllers


Loading a view with a view controller

Navigating through different view controllers

Providing controllers in tabs

Creating a table controller

Modal view controllers

Creating a custom view controller

Using view controllers efficiently

Combining different view controllers

iPad view controllers

Creating a user interface for different devices

Data Management


Creating files

Creating an SQLite database

Inserting and updating data

Querying an SQLite database

Using an already existing SQLite database

Storing data with serialization

Storing data with XML

Managing XML data with LINQ to XML

Displaying Data


Providing lists

Displaying data in a table

Customizing rows

Editing a table: deleting rows

Editing a table: inserting rows

Table indexing

Searching through the data

Creating a simple web browser

Displaying local content

Displaying formatted text

Displaying documents

Web Services


Consuming web services

Invoking web services

Consuming WCF services

Reading JSON data

Multimedia Resources


Selecting images and videos

Capturing media with the camera

Playing video

Playing music and sounds

Recording with the microphone

Managing multiple album items directly

Integrating iOS Features


Starting phone calls

Sending text messages and e-mails

Using text messaging in our application

Using e-mail messaging in our application

Managing the address book

Displaying contacts

Managing the calendar

Interacting with Device Hardware


Detecting device orientation

Adjusting UI orientation

Proximity sensor

Retrieving battery information

Handling motion events

Handling touch events

Recognizing gestures

Custom gestures

Using the accelerometer

Using the gyroscope

Location Services and Maps


Determining location

Determining heading

Using region monitoring

Using significant-change location service

Location services in the background

Displaying maps


Adding map annotations

Adding map overlays

Graphics and Animation


Animating Views

Transforming views

Animation with images

Animating layers

Drawing lines and curves

Drawing shapes

Drawing text

A simple drawing application

Creating an image context



Detecting application states

Receiving notifications for application states

Running code in the background

Playing audio in the background

Network connectivity maintenance



Creating an application for different languages

Localizable resources

Regional formatting



Creating profiles

Creating an ad-hoc distribution bundle

Preparing an application for the App Store

Submitting to the App Store

iOS 5 Features


Reproducing the page curl effect

Styling views

Twitter integration

Working with the split keyboard