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Flash iOS Apps Cookbook


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Getting Started with iOS App Development


Joining the iOS Developer Program

Accessing the iOS Provisioning Portal

Generating a Certificate Signing Request using Windows

Generating a Certificate Signing Request using Mac OS X

Obtaining your development certificate

Creating a P12 certificate using Windows

Creating a P12 certificate using Mac OS X

Registering a device

Creating an App ID

Creating a development provisioning profile

Installing a provisioning profile on your device

Building iOS Apps Using Flash


Installing the AIR SDK

Creating an AIR for iOS document

Adding content to the stage

AIR for iOS general settings

AIR for iOS deployment settings

Compiling from Flash Professional

Installing your app with iTunes

Writing your First App


Creating a basic document class

Preventing screen idle

Handling multitasking

Exiting gracefully from an app

Linking classes to movie-clip symbols

Using an update loop

Including an application launch image

Including icons

Editing the application descriptor file

Remote debugging

Porting Flash Projects to iOS


Handling user interaction

Saving application state

Flattening the display list

Converting vectors to bitmaps

Resizing bitmaps

Masking content

Working with external SWFs

Multi-touch and Gesture Support


Setting the touch point input mode

Detecting multiple touch points

Dragging multiple display objects

Tracking movement

Setting the gesture input mode

Handling a swipe gesture

Panning an object

Rotating an object

Zooming an object

Graphics and Hardware Acceleration


Comparing vector and bitmap graphics

Understanding GPU-Blend mode

Understanding GPU-Vector mode

Using Cache as Bitmap

Using Cache as Bitmap Matrix

Accessing bitmaps with ActionScript

Loading bitmaps at runtime

Working with sprite sheets

Performing bitmap animation with ActionScript

Working with Text and the Virtual Keyboard


Using device fonts within text fields

Using embedded fonts within text fields

Providing text entry

Capturing text input

Configurable panning with virtual keyboard activation

Updating dynamic text fields

Using native iOS text controls

Screen Resolution and Orientation Changes


Targeting a device

Targeting the Retina display

Supporting multiple resolutions

Setting the default aspect ratio

Enabling auto-orientation

Listening for orientation changes

Responding to orientation changes

Geolocation and Accelerometer APIs


Determining your current location

Determining your speed and heading

Checking for geolocation access

Responding to accelerometer changes

Detecting a shake

Camera and Microphone Support


Saving to the camera roll

Reading from the camera roll

Capturing with the default camera app

Working with the built-in cameras

Recording microphone audio

Playing recorded audio

Rendering Web Pages


Opening a web page within Safari

Rendering a web page within an app

Navigating the browsing history

Rendering a local web page

Dynamically generating a local web page

Capturing a snapshot of a web page

Working with Video and Audio


Playing local FLV video

Playing local H.264 video

Controlling video

Embedding audio

Playing embedded audio

Streaming audio

Controlling audio playback

Connectivity, Persistence, and URI Schemes


Monitoring Internet connectivity

Specifying a persistent Wi-Fi connection

Referencing an app's common directories

Writing files

Reading files

Launching system applications

Launching the App Store

Launching the Maps application

Declaring device capabilities