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CryENGINE 3 Cookbook


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CryENGINE 3: Getting Started


Opening a level in the CryENGINE 3 Sandbox

Navigating a level with the Sandbox Camera

Setting up a personalized toolset layout

How to customize toolbars and menus

Using the Rollup Bar

Selecting and browsing level objects

Restoring the CryENGINE 3 default settings

Sandbox Basics


Creating a new level

Generating a procedural terrain

Terrain sculpting

Setting up the terrain texture

Placing the objects in the world

Refining the object placement

Utilizing the layers for multiple developer collaboration

Switching to game mode

Saving your level

Exporting to an engine

Essential game objects

Running a map from the Launcher

Basic Level Layout


Making basic shapes with the Solids tool

Editing and merging solids

Grouping the objects

Utilizing the Geom entities instead of brushes

Road construction

Painting vegetation

Breaking up tiling with Decals

Making caves with Voxels

Creating Prefabs to store in external libraries

Environment Creation


Creating your first time of day using the basic parameters

Adjusting the terrain lighting

Using the real-time Global Illumination

Editing HDR lighting and the effects for flares

Creating a global volumetric fog

Creating a night scene with time of day parameters

Color grading your level

Creating a photo realistic ocean

Improving your sky with clouds

Making it rain in your level

Basic Artificial Intelligence


Placing the enemy AI

Generating the AI navigation

Forbidden boundaries

Forbidden areas

Setting up the interior navigation

Debugging the AI triangulation

Narrowing the AI's FOV to allow attacks from behind

Respawning AI

Asset Creation


Installing the CryENGINE 3 plugin for 3D Studio Max

Creating textures using CryTIF

Setting up units to match CryENGINE in 3ds

Basic material setup in 3ds

Creating and exporting static objects

Creating and exporting destroyable objects

Using advanced material editor parameters to create animation

Creating new material effects

Creating image-based lighting

Characters and Animation


Creating skinned characters for the CryENGINE

Ragdoll and physics for characters

Creating animation for your character

Previewing animations and characters for Sandbox

Creating upper body only animations

Creating locomotion animations

Animating rigid body geometry data

Creating Vehicles


Creating a new car mesh (CGA)

Creating a new car XML

Giving more speed to the car

Increasing the mass to push objects with the car

Defining a sitting location

Setting up multiple cameras for the car

Need for a machine gun

Giving the car a weak spot

Game Logic


How to beam the player to a tag point from a trigger

Making the AI go to a location when the player enters a proximity trigger

Debugging the Flow Graph

Creating a kill counter

Rewarding the player for reaching a kill goal

Displaying the player's health through a Flow Graph

Changing the player camera through key input

Creating a countdown timer

Track View and Cut-Scenes


Creating a new Track View sequence

Animating a camera in the Track View

Triggering a sequence using the Flow Graph

Animating entities in the Track View

Playing animations on entities in the Track View

Using console variables (CVars) in the Track View

Using track events

Fun Physics


Low gravity

Hangman on a rope



Wrecking ball

Rock slide

Profiling and Improving Performance


Profiling performance in the Sandbox

Saving level statics

Enabling the debug draw modes

Optimizing the levels with VisAreas and portals

Using light boxes and light areas

Activating and deactivating the layers