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Flash Facebook Cookbook


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Getting Started with Flash and Facebook


Setting up a new application on Facebook

Downloading the Facebook ActionScript 3 SDK

Including the Facebook ActionScript 3 SDK in a Flash Builder project

Including the Facebook ActionScript 3 SDK as a Flash Builder library project

Preparing your Flash Player application's HTML template for Facebook integration

Authenticating with Facebook


A´╗┐uthentication with the Web SDK, for Flash Player applications

Authentication with the Desktop SDK, for AIR applications

Working with Facebook Permissions


Requesting permissions at login

Checking for existing Extended Permissions

Requesting additional Extended Permissions, following a failed API request

Pre-emptively requesting additional Extended Permissions

Reading and Writing Data with the Graph API


Building a 'Test console' for the Graph API

Loading a Graph API object from Facebook

Loading specific data fields for a Graph API object

Loading Graph API connections

Loading multiple Graph API objects, in a single request

Limiting request lengths and paging results

Filtering requests to a specific time period

Loading a Facebook profile image

Using the search capabilities of the Graph API

Creating, editing, and deleting Graph API objects

Loading Data with FQL


Loading data with FQL

Using subqueries in FQL

Using logical operators in FQL requests

Loading large data sets with FQL multiquery

Cross-comparing data sets to find overlapping results

Sorting FQL results

Limiting and paging FQL results

Searching for text strings in FQL

Facebook News Feeds and Status Updates


Loading a user's status updates

Creating a status update with ActionScript

Comments and "Like this"


Loading Comments for a Graph API object

Adding a Comment to a Graph API object

Deleting a Comment

Working with Photos, Albums, and Tags


Retrieving Photo and Album information from Facebook

Loading and displaying Photo Tags

Creating an Album with the Graph API

Uploading Photos to Facebook

Working with Groups and Events


Retrieving Facebook Group information

Checkins and Facebook Places


Bridging the Flash and Application Gap


Launching Facebook UI dialogs from ActionScript 3