PacktLib: Kentico CMS 5 Website Development: Beginner's Guide

Kentico CMS 5 Website Development


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Introducing Kentico CMS 5

Kentico CMS 5 installation and configuration

Time for action—installing Kentico CMS 5

Introducing content and site management

Time for action—logging into CMS Desk

Time for action—editing an existing page

Time for action—modifying your profile

Time for action—logging into Site Manager

Time for action—shutdown and restart your website

Time for action—adding users


A Tour of your New Website

Content is king

Time for action—viewing available document types

Time for action—creating a poll

Time for action—using the WYSIWYG editor

Time for action—creating a blog entry

Page management

Time for action—creating a new ASPX page template

Time for action—creating a new Portal Engine page

Time for action—the Design tab

Time for action—adding web parts


Managing the Content Process

Fundamentals of site security

Time for action—creating a new role

Time for action—adding a user to another role

Time for action—creating role-based content

Time for action—display a customized product list

Time for action—creating secure pages

Workflow management

Time for action—configuring workflow

Time for action—executing the workflow

Time for action—document rollback


Linking and Managing Documents

Document linking

Time for action—linking to an image

Time for action—linking to a YouTube video

Document attachments

Time for action—adding document attachments

Media libraries

Time for action—viewing media libraries

Time for action—displaying a media library image

Time for action—creating a media library

Time for action—batch operations in the media library

Time for action—displaying our image gallery

Time for action—uploading files on the live site

Time for action—setting media library security

Time for action—restricting file types


Extending the System


Time for action—transformations in web parts

Time for action—transforming the EventRepeater web part

Time for action—handling attachments in transformations

Time for action—displaying ratings in transformations

Creating custom document types

Time for action—creating custom document types

Time for action—creating an employee biography

Kentico API

Time for action—adding event handlers

Time for action—sending a news item by e-mail


System Integration

Social bookmarking

Time for action—implementing social bookmarking


Time for action—adding a new office

Time for action—implementing Google maps

Web services

Time for action—building a web service

Tag clouds

Time for action—tag cloud web part

Really Simple Syndication

Time for action—subscribing to the news feed

Time for action—the Blog RSS feed

Time for action—implementing the Blog RSS feed

Representational State Transfer

Time for action—retrieving an API key

Time for action—using the API

Time for action—building a REST user control


Time for action—Twitter integration


Adding E-commerce Functionality to your Site

Creating an e-commerce site

Time for action—new site wizard

Time for action—changing the e-commerce site master page

Time for action—removing the log-on bar

Product management

Time for action—adding products

Time for action—adding product options

Time for action—customizing product categories

Time for action—adding products to multiple categories

Time for action—adding a new product

Purchase process and payment gateway

Time for action—making a purchase

Time for action—payment gateways

Time for action—customizing the purchase process


Advanced Management


Time for action—adding widgets

Time for action—creating a widget zone

Time for action—creating a widget

Multi-lingual sites

Time for action—adding new languages

Time for action—translating site content

Time for action—viewing language-specific content

Time for action—combing with current culture

Site deployment

Time for action—production deployment

Time for action—deploying a new production site

Time for action—incremental changes

Time for action—scheduled tasks


SEO and Web Analytics


Time for action—forbidden URL characters

Time for action—changing the site name

Time for action—changing page metadata

Time for action—using document aliases

Time for action—using consistent tags

Web analytics

Time for action—configuring the Web analytics module

Time for action—Web analytics reporting

Time for action—tracking a marketing campaign


Building a Community Website

Site development

Time for action—creating the community site

Time for action—assigning the CSS stylesheet

Time for action—creating a page template category

Time for action—creating a master page

Time for action—uploading images

Time for action—populating the master page

Groups and membership

Time for action—setting up the community starter site

Time for action—user membership

Time for action—modifying the registration form

Time for action—creating new groups

Time for action—creating a group page