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Working with ASP.NET Controls


Creating default text for TextBoxes

Auto focus on the first TextBox and tab on the Enter key

Disallowing cut/copy/paste operations on a TextBox

Highlighting text in a TextBox and copying to the clipboard

Displaying selected items of a CheckBoxList

Selecting/deselecting all items in CheckBoxList

Getting selected text and value from DropDownList

Appending items at runtime to a DropDownList

Creating 'Back to Top' ASP.NET hyperlink

Updating URL of ASP.NET hyperlink at runtime

Validation of ASP.NET Controls


Getting started

Validation of a sample user login form

Validation of basic field types in a user profile form

Character limit validation in Multiline ASP.NET TextBox

Validation of date range in ASP.NET Form

Validation of ASP.NET CheckBoxList

Validation of ASP.NET RadioButtonList

Validation of ASP.NET ListBox Control

Validation of ASP.NET DropDownList Control

Working with GridView Control


Highlighting rows/cells of a GridView on hover

Removing GridView rows/cells on click

Removing a GridView column on clicking the header

Dragging and dropping GridView rows

Changing cursor style for selective rows of a GridView

Formatting a GridView and applying animation effect

Retrieving the content of a GridView cell on click

Working with Image Control


Adding/removing hyperlinks on images

Displaying image captions

Changing image opacity on mouseover

Viewing enlarged images on mouseover on thumbnail

Swapping images on a page

Cropping images on a page

Creating an image gallery viewer

Zooming images on mouseover

Animations in ASP.NET


Enlarging text on hover

Creating a fade effect on hover

Sliding elements on a page

Preventing animation queue buildup

Animating a panel

Chaining animations together

Hiding and displaying panels

Creating disappearing effect

AJAX and ASP.NET (Part I)


Setting up AJAX with ASP.NET using jQuery

Using Firebug to view AJAX request/response

Consuming page methods with AJAX

Consuming web services with AJAX

Populating ASP.NET DropDownList using AJAX

Creating an auto complete search box

AJAX and ASP.NET (Part II)


Displaying a progress indicator during AJAX calls

Reading XML data with AJAX

Catching and displaying AJAX errors

Using AJAX to load scripts in web pages

Cross site AJAX querying using jQuery

Using complex data types with AJAX

Client Templating in jQuery


Using jQuery Templates to display data

Displaying arrays using nested templates

Calling JavaScript functions and conditional statements in templates

Creating an ASP.NET CheckBoxList in templates

Using templates to format data returned from web services

Using callback functions with jQuery templates

Calling external templates using jQuery