PacktLib: Learning SQL Server Reporting Services 2012

Learning SQL Server Reporting Services 2012


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Overview and Installation – SQL Server Reporting Services 2012

SQL Server 2012 – mission statement by Microsoft

Overview of Reporting Services 2012

Installing software used in the book


SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Projects with Visual Studio 2012

What is business intelligence?

Introduction to SQL Server Data Tools

Creating reports using SSDT

Report-related projects in Visual Studio 2012

Creating reports using Visual Studio 2012

Microsoft Report Viewer Runtime


Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Architecture, Features, and Tools

Structural design of SQL servers and SharePoint environment

Reporting Services configuration

Salient features of Reporting Services 2012


Working with Report Manager

Tasks performed using Report Manager

Starting Report Manager

Starting Report Manager for the URL

User access to Report Server (Report Manager)

First step – deploying reports

Report Manager user interface

Report data sources

Viewing, searching, and printing reports

Uploading and downloading files from the Report Server to the filesystem

Report subscription and delivery

Report caching

Snapshot and snapshot history


Working with Report Builder 3.0

Report authoring with Report Builder

Downloading and installing Report Builder

Report Builder 3.0 user interface

Report authoring

Linked reports

Creating a report with XML data sources


Power View and Reporting Services

What is Power View?

What do you need to author a Power View report?

Creating a tabular model

Creating a Power View


Self-service Data Alerts in SSRS 2012

Getting ready for Data Alerts

Creating a report and saving to the Report Server

Creating a report in Report Builder and saving it to the Documents library

Giving permission to a report

Creating a Data Alert



Reporting Services and Programming

Overview of programming interfaces and utilities

URL access

ReportViewer control

Report Server Web Services API


Reporting Services command prompt utilities

Incorporating custom code into reports


Windows Azure SQL Reporting

What is Windows Azure SQL Reporting?

Creating content for reports and viewing them


Applications Accessing Report Servers

Hands-on exercise 10.1 – accessing the Native mode Report Server using SSIS

Accessing reports from a Windows Presentation Foundations classes project

Accessing Native Report Server reports from SharePoint Web parts

Accessing the Web parts