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Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook


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Connecting to Data Sources


Connecting to text files

Connecting to Excel files

Connecting to Access databases

Connecting to a SQL Server

Pasting from a clipboard

Connecting to other databases

Connecting to Windows Azure Marketplace

Understanding dimensions and measures

Changing data types

Applying filters

Merging multiple data sources

Creating Univariate Charts


Creating tables

Creating bar graphs

Creating pie charts

Sorting the graphs

Creating histograms

Creating line charts

Using the Show Me toolbar

Creating stacked bar graphs

Creating box plots

Showing aggregate measures

Showing the top 10 items

Creating Bivariate Charts


Creating tables

Creating scatter plots

Swapping rows and columns

Adding trend lines

Selecting color palettes

Using dates

Creating Multivariate Charts


Creating facets

Creating area charts

Creating bullet graphs

Creating dual axes charts

Creating Gantt charts

Creating heat maps

Creating Maps


Setting geographic roles

Placing marks on a map

Overlaying demographic data

Creating choropleth maps

Using polygon shapes

Customizing maps

Calculating User-defined Fields


Using predefined functions

Calculating percentages

Applying the If-Then logic

Applying logical functions

Showing totals

Showing the percentage of totals

Discretizing data

Manipulating text

Aggregating data

Customizing and Saving


Adding title and caption

Modifying font sizes and colors

Applying various marks

Adding colors

Adding labels

Changing marks sizes

Adding reference lines

Printing to PDF

Saving packaged workbooks

Creating a workbook data extract

Exporting and Sharing


Saving a workbook on a Tableau server

Saving a workbook on the Web

Exporting images

Exporting data

Exploring Advanced Features


Viewing data

Changing the mark size

Using the presentation mode

Adding annotations

Excluding data on the fly

Customizing mark shapes

Adding drop-down selectors

Adding search box selectors

Adding slider selectors

Creating dashboards

Creating animated visualizations

Creating parameters