PacktLib: Software Development on the SAP HANA Platform

Software Development on the SAP HANA Platform


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So, What Is This SAP HANA Thing Anyways?

Time for action – statistics about internal commercial flights in the USA from 1998 to 2011

Understanding the performance of SAP HANA


SAP HANA Studio – Installation and First Look

Getting access to SAP HANA

Running the installation

Welcome to the SAP HANA Studio

Connecting to the SAP HANA server

Importing sample data

Previewing the sample data


Your First SAP HANA Development – An Attribute View

Creating a delivery unit

Creating a package

Creating an attribute view

Advanced features of attribute views


Quick reference

Painting with Numbers – An Analytic View

Creating an analytic view

Adding an attribute view to an analytic view

Advanced features of analytic views


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Let's Get Graphical – Graphical Calculation Views

What is a graphical calculation view?

Creating a graphical calculation view


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You Talking to Me? – Scripted Calculation Views

Creating a scripted calculation view


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Hey! That's My Data! – Authorizations in SAP HANA


Analytic privileges

System privileges

Package privileges


Testing our user and role


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On Another Level – Hierarchies in SAP HANA

Hierarchy types in SAP HANA

Creating a hierarchy in SAP HANA

Viewing data according to a hierarchy


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Deploying Your Reporting Application to Reporting Software

Getting software to talk to SAP HANA

SAP Lumira

Microsoft Excel®

Tableau software


Quick tool comparison

Data Provisioning Using Data Services

About the sample data

Understanding the BODS main screen

Creating a Data Services project


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Application Development Using the XS Engine

Checking the XS Engine

Understanding XS Engine applications

Creating an application using XS Engine

Hello, World!

XS Engine database access

Developing user interfaces using SAPUI5


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So Long and Thanks – Where To Go from Here

So Long and Thanks – Where To Go from Here

So Long and Thanks – Where To Go from Here