PacktLib: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting - Second Edition

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting


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Meeting the Reporting Challenge

Trends in reporting

Challenges to developing and writing reports


Where Is My Data and How Do I Get to It?

System databases versus company databases

Dynamics GP table naming/numbering conventions

Locating Dynamics GP data using the Resource Descriptions windows

The Table Import utility

Accessing data at the table level using SQL Management Studio

Locating Dynamics GP data with additional tools


Working with the Builders – SmartList and Excel Reports

Utilizing default SmartLists to meet basic reporting needs

Extending SmartList data to Excel by deploying Excel Reports

Creating and publishing new SmartLists using SmartList Builder

Deploying new Excel Reports with Excel Report Builder

Additional tips and tricks for using both Builders


Report Writer and Word Templates

Storing and accessing Report Writer reports

Opening and navigating the Report Writer windows

Modifying all reports in the application by using global modifications

Modifying an existing Dynamics GP report

Importing and exporting customized reports

Rendering reports with the Microsoft Word template feature


Utilizing the SSRS Report Library

Getting started with SSRS

Deploying SSRS reports and metrics

Using the predefined SSRS reports

Viewing charts and KPIs using Business Analyzer

Configuring security for Reporting Services

Modifying default reports with Visual Studio

Creating a new reporting metric via Report Builder


Designing Your Analysis Cubes for the Excel Environment

Understanding the components of the Analysis Cubes environment

Installing Analysis Cubes

Exploring the Analysis Services database

Modifying our Analysis Cubes environment

Considerations for upgrading Analysis Cubes for Excel


Utilizing Analysis Cubes for Excel for Dynamic Reporting

Using an OLAP viewer to connect to the SSAS database

Creating a connection to cubes

Excel PivotTable – Analysis Cubes interface

Creating ad-hoc reports

Utilizing Excel CUBE formulas

Creating dashboards from Analysis Cubes data – a few thoughts

The seven default cubes


Designing Financial Reports in Management Reporter

Management Reporter architecture

Installing and configuring Management Reporter

Management Reporter security

Navigating the Management Reporter Report Designer interface

Working with the Management Reporter building blocks

Improvements in Management Reporter 2012

Tools for reducing building block sprawl


Viewing Financial Reports in Management Reporter

Overview of Report Viewer for Management Reporter

Report Library permissions

Generating reports via Report Designer

Navigating the Report Viewer interface

Navigating reports via the Web Viewer


Bringing it all Together

Looking back at what we've covered

Viewing our reporting tools in light of the reporting challenges

The future of reporting for Dynamics GP


Comparing the Dynamics GP Reporting Tools Against Different Reporting Challenges