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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Scripting Cookbook


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Overview of Dynamics CRM 2011 Customization


Opening a free 30-day trial of Dynamics CRM 2011 Online

Using solutions to package our work

Creating and managing entities

Creating and managing fields

Creating and managing forms

Creating and managing scripts

Creating and managing other resources

Creating and managing workflows

Creating and managing dialogs

Starting a workflow from a dialog

Working with security roles and permissions

Scripting Form Fields


Working with text fields

Working with number fields

Working with currency

Working with date and time

Working with option sets

Working with lookups

Field Validation


Custom e-mail field validation

Custom web address field validation

Validating the ticker symbol field

Formatting phone numbers

Formatting postal codes

Replacing the Country and Province fields with lookups

Rules and Events


Form load event usage

Form save event usage

Field change event usage

Working with tabs and sections

Combining events

Enforcing business rules

Error Handling


Handling unexpected user input

Handling unexpected processing

Blocking events

Handling UI events

Advanced error handling

Adding a new account and contact with validation



Debug messages

Using IE for tracing and debugging

Debugging using Visual Studio

Error logging

Using Fiddler with CRM

Extended UI Manipulation


Showing or hiding form elements

Formatting fields

Creating a rating gauge field

Flagging a section for the user

Adding a contact picture

Adding an account logo

Marking accounts for review

Dynamic form elements

Working with Ribbon Elements


Adding a new ribbon button

Removing ribbon artefacts

Starting a dialog/workflow from a ribbon button

Pre-populating form elements with a button click

Creating other ribbon artefacts

Security trimmed ribbon elements

Using the ribbon for displaying information

Extending CRM Using Community JavaScript Libraries


Using jQuery with Dynamics CRM for page element selection

Using jQuery and CSS

Animating form elements with jQuery

Using jQuery UI for user interaction

Using jQuery UI for customizations

Integrating jQuery UI widgets

Using LiveValidation for input validation as you type

Using Datejs for date manipulation

Light Social Media Integration


Integrating with Facebook

Integrating accounts with LinkedIn

Integrating contacts with LinkedIn

Adding Twitter feeds

Working with data