PacktLib: Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5.04 Essentials

Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5.04 Essentials


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Getting Started with the Citrix Access Gateway Product Family

Security and Remote Access Solutions addressed by Citrix Access Gateway

Citrix Access Gateway hardware

Citrix Access Gateway versions

Citrix Access Gateway VPX Edition

Designing a secure Remote Access solution


Licensing the Citrix Access Gateway

Overview of licensing CAG

License Server options

Obtaining licenses

Deploying Microsoft Windows Server and VPX License Server

Importing licenses and management

License Server Administration


The Citrix Access Gateway Initial Setup

Understanding the network architecture

Downloading the virtual appliance from Citrix

Importing the Citrix Access Gateway into VMware

Initiating the Access Gateway setup from the command line

Completing the initial configuration from the web portal

Adding SSL certificates

Monitoring the Citrix Access Gateway


Configuring a Basic Logon Point for XenApp/XenDesktop

Identifying the need for using CAG as a remote access solution

Configuring a Citrix Web Interface site for use with the Citrix Access Gateway

Configuring an Access Gateway basic logon point

Accessing XenApp Server farms securely with the Citrix Access Gateway

Extending the basic logon point to access other internal web-based resources

Auditing access to the Citrix Access Gateway


Creating Authentication Profiles

Authentication profiles

Creating a RADIUS authentication profile

Creating RSA SecurID authentication profiles

Creating LDAP authentication profiles in Microsoft's Active Directory

Authentication using the Active Directory sAMAccountName

Authenticating using the Active Directory userPrincipalName

Creating LDAP authentication profiles in Novell's eDirectory Directory

Creating LDAP authentication profiles to Linux openLDAP

Customizing the Citrix Access Gateway logon page

Allowing users to change passwords on the logon page

Implementing two-factor authentication on the Citrix Access Gateway


Beyond the Basics

Adding universal licenses

Citrix Access Gateway plug-in installation

Integrating the Access Gateway plug-in with the Citrix Receiver

Distributing the Access Gateway plug-in with the Citrix Merchandising Server


Address Pools

Creating address pools

System Administration Options


Device Profiles and Endpoint Analysis

Device profiles

Installing the endpoint analysis plug-in

Control access to network using device profiles


Defining Network Resources

Network resources

Introducing the Citrix Branch Repeater


SmartAccess Logon Points

Defining SmartAccess logon points

Defining the term Logon Point Visibility

Branding the logon point


Linking It All Together with SmartGroups

Defining SmartGroups

Defining SmartGroup priority


Connecting to SmartAccess Logon Points

Delivering the Access Gateway plug-in

Configuring Access Gateway Plug-in settings

Connecting to resources on the private network


Monitoring the Citrix Access Gateway

Accessing and interpreting logfiles

Logfile settings and log transfer

Creating configuration snapshots and importing firmware updates

Implementing appliance failover


Command Line Management of the Citrix Access Gateway

Enabling SSH access to the command line

Managing the Citrix Access Gateway from the command line