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The Professional ScrumMaster's Handbook



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Scrum – A Brief Review of the Basics (and a Few Interesting Tidbits)

The problem

A brief history

The underlying concepts of Scrum

Scrum roles

Brief review of the Scrum framework

Scrum artifacts

Visible progress

Dysfunctions or true constraints?

Is your team ready for Scrum?


Recommended reading

Release Planning – Tuning Product Development

Start at the beginning – product backlog

Release planning – when will you set your features free?


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Sprint Planning – Fine-tune the Sprint Commitment

Sprint planning basics

Preparing for sprint planning

Running the sprint planning meeting

Improving sprint planning


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Sprint! Visible, Collaborative, and Meaningful Work

How the Scrum team should work

Working in a sprint

Estimating work

The misunderstood daily scrum meeting

Individual influences to the work of the sprint

What's 'Norm'al for one team is not for another

A corporate culture and its impact on teamwork


Recommended reading

The End? Improving Product and Process One Bite at a Time

Sprint review – inspecting and adapting the product

Sprint retrospective – inspecting and adapting processes and teamwork

Why should we care about reviews and retrospectives?


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The Criticality of Real-time Information

Yesterday's news is old news

Through the Scrum microscope

Scrum microscope summary

When physical taskboards and conversations aren't enough

Waste and obstacle removal


Scrum Values Expose Fear, Dysfunction, and Waste

Prepare for change aches and pains

The five core values of Scrum


Recommended reading

Everyday Leadership for the ScrumMaster and Team

Everyday leadership

First, what kind of personality do you have?

Portrait of a leader

How to become a better ScrumMaster

Know your communication style

Other ScrumMaster characteristics

Which ScrumMaster persona are you?


Recommended reading

Shaping the Agile Organization

Will Agile cause a ripple, or a tsunami?

Culture change requires a multi-faceted approach

Self-actualizing individuals create an Agile organization

Don't go it alone

Avoiding Scrum as a panacea

Why change? What blocks?

Immunity to change

Face it, Scrum might not be for your organization


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Scrum – Large and Small

Scrum stops the resource shell game

Small Scrum

When Scrum gets big—dysfunction or constraint?

A real need for a project Grand Poobah

Agile DNA


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Scrum and the Future

A leaner Agile Manifesto

Redefining the role of the organization

Regular product reviews or demos

We are all ScrumMasters

The ScrumMaster's Responsibilities

The ScrumMaster's Responsibilities

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop

ScrumMaster's Workshop