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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Reporting Cookbook


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Understanding and Creating Simple SSRS Reports


Reporting overview

Using a query as a datasource in a report

Creating an auto design from a dataset

Grouping in reports

Adding ranges to the report

Deploying the report

Creating a menu item for the report

Enhancing Your Report – Visualization and Interaction


Creating multiple data regions and charts in reports

Creating a chart data region

Creating a new layout template

Expressions in layouts

Aggregation in reports

Adding an image in auto design

Formatting reports

Adding unbounded parameters in reports

Adding filters to data regions

Adding a document map navigation to reports

Adding a drill up/drill down navigation to reports

A Report Programming Model


Opening a report through a controller

Modifying the report query in the controller

Adding ranges from unbound parameters to the query

Modifying the UI by caller

Turning off the report dialog

Setting up security for reports

Calling multiple reports from a controller

Debugging a report model

Adding data methods in business logic

Adding a URL drill-through action in reports

Debugging business logic

Unit testing business logic

Report Programming Model – RDP


Creating a simple RDP report

Testing the RDP

Creating a simple precision design

Creating an advanced RDP report

Creating a group view report

Adding headers and displaying company images

Using an existing temp table in RDP

Preprocessing reports

Integrating External Datasources


Adding a datasource through business logic

Using an XML feed as a datasource

Building a parameter lookup using business logic

Building a report through an external datasource

Adding a parameter for an external datasource query

Creating a customer summary OLAP report

Adding a parameter lookup for OLAP

Designing an OLAP table report with SQL Report Builder

Designing a map subreport with SQL Report Builder

Creating a subreport in auto design

Creating a subreport in precision design

Beyond Tabular Reports


Creating a matrix report

Creating a multicolumn matrix report

Creating a column chart report

Creating a line chart

Gauges in reports

List and rectangle controls in reports

Adding reports to the role center

Upgrading and Analyzing Reports


Upgrading a report from the previous version

Analyzing and modifying an existing report

Implementing validation in reports

Surrogate fields in reports

Grouping and ordering controls in a report dialog

RDP with multiple temporary tables

Multi-value lookup

Inventory dimensions in reports

Financial dimensions in reports

Financial dimensions in RDP reports

Troubleshooting and Other Advanced Recipes


Assessing report performance and usage

Handling long running reports in AX

Troubleshooting reports in AX

Auto e-mail and Save as file tasks in reports

Handling events post report completion

Generating and displaying barcodes in reports

Hiding controls by context

Using AXEnumProvider as the dataset for parameters in reports

Adding a new report design to print management

Deploying language-specific reports to speed up execution time

Making your reports function better

Introduction to SSRS

Introduction to SSRS

Introduction to SSRS

Introduction to SSRS

Introduction to SSRS

Introduction to SSRS

Introduction to SSRS

Introduction to SSRS