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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Administration Cookbook



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Prerequisites of OEM 12c Installation


Creating operating system groups and users

Checking hardware requirements

Checking OS requirements

Checking package, kernel parameters, and library requirements

Meeting host file requirements

Installing the Oracle 11gR2 RDBMS software for an OEM repository database

Creating an OEM repository database

Setting up a Listener and a Local Net Service name configuration

Meeting OEM repository database requirements

Installation of OEM 12c


Installing Enterprise Manager System with Simple configuration option

Installing Enterprise Manager System with Advanced configuration option

Understanding Advanced Installer options

Installing Oracle Management Agent using the RPM file

Installing Oracle Management Agent using the script

Upgrade to OEM 12c


Performing pre-upgrade tasks

Upgrading using the 1-system upgrade approach (on the same host)

Upgrading using the 2-system upgrade approach (on a different host)

Configuring OEM 12c


Prerequisites for configuring automatic discovery

Configuring automatic discovery of unmanaged host machines using IP Scan

Configuring automatic discovery of targets on managed hosts

Checking for and promoting discovered targets

Adding host targets manually

Adding non-host targets manually

Configuring Administration Groups

Creating template collections and associating them with Administration Groups

Configuring a Software Library

Managing Oracle Database Using OEM 12c


Configuring a database target

Creating a single instance database

Cloning a single instance database

Creating database templates

Uploading database templates to the Software Library

Creating an Oracle Database Clone from a reference home

Provisioning Oracle Database software

Removing a database target

Managing Database Performance Using OEM 12c


Using Active Session History Analytics

Using the Real-Time Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM) feature

Using the Compare Period AutomaticDatabase Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM) feature

Comparing period reports

Middleware Management Using OEM 12c


Managing Oracle Business Intelligence

Integrating BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager 12

Creating sample reports in BI Publisher

Implementing BI Publisher Security Model

Managing and monitoring Oracle GoldenGate

Setting up Application Dependency and Performance (ADP) Manager in Cloud Control

Setting up JVM Diagnostics (JVMD) Manager in Cloud Control

Discovering and managing Weblogic Server Target

Deploying ADP agents on Weblogic Target nodes

Deploying JVMD Agents on Weblogic Target nodes

Incident and Problem Management Using an iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad)


Setting up OEM12c on an iDevice

Using Incident management on an iDevice

Using problem management on an iDevice