PacktLib: Windows Phone 7.5: Building Location-aware Applications

Windows Phone 7.5: Building Location-aware Applications


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The Location-based World

Understanding location-based services

Buzzwords in the location-based industry

Applications of LBS and common use cases

How Microsoft uses LBS in Windows Phone 7.5

Behind location-based services — GPS

Push and pull methods of location services

Life without GPS: Wi-Fi based location detection

Life without GPS: Cell-ID positioning and cell tower triangulation

Life without GPS: Bing Maps API

Understanding indoor and outdoor navigation


Using Location in Windows Phone 7.5

Introduction to Windows Phone 7.5

Windows Phone Location Service


Using Maps in your Windows Phone App

Understanding map geometry

Overview of the Windows Phone Bing Maps Silverlight Control

Using maps in your Windows Phone 7.5 app — Hello Maps

Using pushpins with maps

Custom map pushpins

Handling pushpin events

Working with Bing Maps geocoding and reverse geocoding services

Launchers and Choosers — An Overview

Using directions with Bing Maps directions task

Performing local searches with BingMapsTask


Events App - PacktEvents

Exploring the API

Extending the Hello Location example for showing nearby events

Filtering events by categories

Plotting events on Bing Maps

Building the PacktEvents app using Panorama control


Location-aware News App — PacktNews

Understanding the Patch News API

Consuming the Patch News API — HelloNews

Building the PacktNews app using the Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.5 Pivot control