PacktLib: Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: First Look

Oracle WebLogic Server 12: First Look


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Ready for the Cloud!

The is replacing the g

WebLogic 12 supports over more than 200 new features!

Overview and structure in the new features


Supporting the Java EE 6

Java EE 6 applications for conventional and cloud deployment

Major Java EE 6 API changes

Java EE 6 specifications

WebLogic 12 shared libraries and modules


Deployment, Installation, and Configuration Features

Develop, build, compile, and deploy on WebLogic 12

Cloud development with WebLogic 12

Web Services

Exalogic features


Integrated and External Services

JDBC services

JMS Services

Security services

Web Services


Integration and Management with Enterprise Manager 12 Cloud Control

What is Oracle Enterprise Manager 12?

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 system design

WebLogic Server 12 monitoring

Business Transaction Management

Heap Analysis

Integrated Cloud Stack Management


Oracle WebLogic 12 to the Cloud: Exalogic

What is Oracle Exalogic?