PacktLib: Getting Started with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Developer’s Guide

Getting Started with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Developer's Guide


About the Authors

About the Reviewers


Overview of WebLogic Server 12c and Related Technologies

Introducing Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

Overview of JDK 7

Delving into Java EE 6

Other technologies in the book

The Cloud Application Foundation (CAF)

Web resources


Setting Up the Environment

About the directory structure

Installing JDK 1.7

Installing Oracle WebLogic Server

Installing Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE)

Installing MySQL

Preparing PrimeFaces

Setting up a WebLogic domain

Configuring Eclipse and OEPE

Referencing MySQL databases

Using OpenLDAP

Web resources


Java EE Basics – Persistence, Query, and Presentation

The business scenario – movie ticket system

Organizing projects in Eclipse

Creating the StoreBO project

The Store web project

Web resources


Creating RESTful Services with JAX-RS

Creating Theater entities

Creating the Theater web application

Exposing RESTful Services through JAX-RS

Creating the REST client

Structuring the web application

Web resources


Singleton Bean, Validations, and SOAP Web Services

Using bean validation

Singleton session beans

Persisting an object using JPA

A brief intermission

Web services and SOAP

Web resources


Using Events, Interceptors, and Logging Services

Understanding interceptors

Using asynchronous methods

Understanding WebLogic's logging service


Web resources


Remote Access with JMS

WebLogic clients

Java Messaging Service (JMS) and WebLogic

Posting messages from a standalone client

Consuming messages with an MDB

Configuring thread limits for MDBs

The Store-and-Forward client feature


Adding Security

Exploring Java SE and Java EE security

WebLogic security

Using an external LDAP server

Securing the web application

Protecting WebLogic resources

Signing up a user and OpenLDAP

Web resources


Servlets, Composite Components, and WebSockets

Overview of JavaServer Faces

Learning a few Servlet tricks

Using WebSockets

Web resources


Scaling Up the Application

Introducing the Node Manager

Defining machines

Using Cluster and Managed Servers

Configuring a software load balancer

Using a singleton service

Using Oracle Coherence

Web resources


Some WebLogic Internals

Understanding deployment structures

Using FastSwap to reduce deployment time

Packaging modules into an application

Using the Classloader Analysis Tool (CAT)

Using RESTful management services

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