PacktLib: PowerShell 3.0 Advanced Administration Handbook

PowerShell 3.0 Advanced Administration Handbook


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Getting Started with PowerShell

Working with pipelines

Variables and objects

Looping and flow control

Lists, arrays, and hash tables

Operating script block



Discovering what's new in Windows PowerShell 3.0

Windows PowerShell Web Access (PSWA)

Auto-loading of modules

Online and updatable Help

Scheduled jobs

The Show-Command cmdlet

Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)

PowerShell remoting

Windows PowerShell Workflow (PSW)


Developing Snap-ins for PowerShell

Creating a PowerShell snap-in

Writing a PowerShell snap-in

Registering and removing a PowerShell snap-in

Listing and executing cmdlets in a PowerShell snap-in

Debugging a PowerShell snap-in


Using PowerShell Remoting

An overview of PowerShell remoting

Enabling/disabling remoting

Executing the remoting commands

Entering an interactive remoting session

Saving a remote session to a disk

Using session configurations


Extending Windows PowerShell

Introduction to Windows PowerShell modules

PowerShell module types

The PSModulePath environment variable

Importing PowerShell modules

Removing PowerShell modules

Reloading PowerShell modules

Writing a PowerShell module

Storing modules on a disk

Working with multiple versions of modules

Checking PowerShell module dependencies

Signing PowerShell modules


Managing Core Infrastructure with PowerShell

Preparing the operating system for first time use

Deploying the Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) role

Managing and configuring the Domain Name System (DNS) role

Deploying and configuring the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) role

Managing Windows Firewall

Using the Best Practice Analyzer (BPA)


Managing Active Directory with PowerShell

Active Directory-related concepts

Installing an Active Directory Domain Service (ADDS)

New AD server roles in Windows 2012

Managing Active Directory with PowerShell


Managing the Server with PowerShell

Working with Server Manager cmdlets

Managing networking using PowerShell

Managing Group Policy with PowerShell

Managing IIS with PowerShell

Managing a DNS server using PowerShell

Managing Hyper-V with PowerShell

Managing AppLocker with PowerShell


Managing Unified Communication Environments with PowerShell

What Exchange Management Shell is

How to make Windows PowerShell understand Exchange Server cmdlets

Managing Exchange using PowerShell Remoting

Getting started with Exchange scripting

What Lync Server Management Shell is

How to make PowerShell understand Lync Server cmdlets

Managing Lync using PowerShell Remoting

Getting started with Lync scripting

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 and Windows PowerShell


Managing Collaboration and Data Platforms with PowerShell

What is SharePoint Management Shell

How to make Windows PowerShell understand the SharePoint server cmdlets

Getting started with SharePoint scripting

Managing SharePoint Online using PowerShell

Windows PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint and Office 365

What is SQL Server PowerShell

Getting started with SQL Server scripting


Managing Microsoft Desktop Virtualization with PowerShell

What Desktop Virtualization is

Understanding Desktop Virtualization components

What Remote Desktop Services is

Managing RDS using PowerShell

Getting started with RDS scripting


Managing Microsoft Cloud Platform with PowerShell

What Windows Azure is

What Windows Azure PowerShell is

Installing Windows Azure PowerShell

Making Windows PowerShell understand Windows Azure cmdlets

Connecting to your Windows Azure environment

Getting started with Windows Azure scripting


Integrating Windows PowerShell and System Center Orchestrator

Completing your ITPA story with PowerShell and Orchestrator