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Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation Cookbook



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Overview of Claims-based Identity


Abstracting identity with claims

Designing claims-based tokens using Security Assertion Markup Language

Augmenting security with a claims-based architecture

Implementing federated security using a Security Token Service

Implementing Single Sign-On using claims

Implementing Single Sign-Out in a trust realm

Configuring certificates for the claims-based applications

Programming with Windows Identity Foundation


Configuring applications for Windows Identity Foundation runtime support

Implementing claims in ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Applications

Extending the Windows integrated authentication to support claims-based identity

Implementing claims-based authentication and authorization in ASP.NET MVC 3

Designing claims-enabled WCF services

Implementing WIF Session Mode with a distributed token cache

Advanced Programming with Windows Identity Foundation


Implementing the claims pipeline

Designing a custom Identity Provider Security Token Service (IP-STS)

Designing a custom Relying Party Security Token Service (RP-STS)

Implementing support for SAML 2.0 tokens

Implementing Windows identity impersonation with Claims to Windows Token Service (c2WTS)

Troubleshooting and monitoring in WIF

Cloud-based Identity with Azure Access Control Service


Configuring Access Control Service for an ASP.NET MVC 3 relying party

Leveraging web-based identity providers such as Windows Live, Google, and Facebook

Designing secure REST services using ACS 2.0 and OAuth

Using ACS 2.0 Management Service

Securing Windows Phone applications using ACS 2.0

Securing iOS applications using ACS 2.0

Identity Management with Active Directory Federation Services


Configuring a federation server

Implementing a federation scenario with WIF and AD FS 2.0

Implementing a identity delegation

Integrating AD FS 2.0 with Azure ACS 2.0

Troubleshooting in AD FS 2.0 with debug tracing

Enterprise Server Interoperability with WIF, Azure ACS 2.0, and AD FS 2.0


Implementing claims-based authentication in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Implementing claims-based authentication in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011

Implementing identity with AD FS 2.0 for the applications hosted on Windows Azure

Integrating AD FS 2.0 with Office 365

Implementing Single Sign-On with Salesforce

Extension and Future of Windows Identity Foundation


Securing Workflow Services using Workflow Foundation Security Pack CTP 1

Implementing WIF SAML 2.0 Extension CTP

Securing Windows 8 Metro applications using Azure ACS 2.0

Implementing machine-driven, claims-based access control with Windows Server 8 Dynamic Access Control and .NET Framework 4.5

Configuring Federation Services role in Windows Server 8