PacktLib: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrator's Handbook


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SOA Infrastructure Management: What you Need to Know

Identifying and overcoming monitoring and management challenges in SOA

Monitoring the SOA platform—centralized management and monitoring

Oracle SOA Suite 11g infrastructure stack

Performance monitoring and management

Managing composite application lifecycles

Cloning domains from test to production

Introducing Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control


Management of SOA Composite Applications

Managing composite lifecycles

Structuring composite deployments with partitions

Setting up ant for automated composite management

Promoting code using configuration plans

Understanding and configuring composite audit levels


Monitoring Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Transaction monitoring

The DMS Spy Servlet

Identifying and viewing log file entries

Monitoring service engine instances and faults

Monitoring the Event Delivery Network (EDN)

Monitoring the WebLogic Server

OEM Grid Control and the SOA Management Pack


Tuning Oracle SOA Suite 11g for Optimum Performance

Tuning of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Tuning the underlying WebLogic Application Server

Tuning the SOA Infrastructure

Tuning composite applications

Tuning the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control console

Tuning the dehydration store database schema

Tuning the Linux operating system


Configuring and Administering Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Starting up and shutting down the infrastructure

Enabling log rotation

Navigating to key administration areas

Configuring infrastructure properties

Configuring and administering binding components and JCA Adapters

Configuring and administering BPEL Service Engine and components

Administering Mediator Service Engine

Administering User Messaging Service

Administering the Human Workflow Service Engine

Administering and configuring Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

Administering and configuring event engine and business events

Administering Domain Value Maps and Cross References

Configuring infrastructure resources for developers


Troubleshooting the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Infrastructure

The art of troubleshooting—where do you start?

Troubleshooting infrastructure problems

Troubleshooting performance issues

Troubleshooting composite instances

Troubleshooting deployment issues


Configuring Security Policies for SOA Composites

Understanding the OWSM-based policy framework in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Configuring OWSM policies for Oracle SOA components

Managing OWSM policies at runtime


Managing the Metadata Services Repository and Dehydration Store

Registering a database-based MDS repository

Managing metadata repository partitions

Purging metadata version history

Managing the Dehydration Store


Backup and Recovery

Understanding what needs to be backed up

Recommended backup strategy

Implementing the backup process

Recovery strategies

Cloning Oracle SOA Suite 11g