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Oracle Business Intelligence 11g R1 Cookbook


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Exploring and Building the Repository


Building the Physical layer in the repository

Building the Business Model and Mapping layer

Adding multiple sources to the logical table source

Adding calculations to the fact table

Creating variables

Building the Presentation layer

Validating the repository using Consistency Check Manager

Uploading the repository

Working with Logical Dimensions


Creating level-based hierarchies

Creating parent-child hierarchies

Creating level-based measures

Creating shared measures

Creating presentation hierarchies

Using Aggregates and the Time Series Functions


Creating aggregate tables

Implementing aggregate tables

Using the Aggregate Persistence Wizard

Creating calculations by using the time series functions

Working with Multidimensional Data Sources


Importing the multidimensional data source

Accessing members and member counts

Creating the multidimensional Business Model

Implementing Horizontal Federation

Implementing Vertical Federation

Security in Oracle BI


Configuring security settings

Creating users

Creating groups

Creating application roles

Setting up permissions on repository objects

Configuring query limits

Specifying the time restrictions

Creating data filters

Managing Usage Tracking and Enabling the Cache


Enabling Usage Tracking

Creating the Business Model for Usage Tracking

Creating dashboards for Usage Statistics

Enabling the cache

Gathering cache statistics

Managing the cache

Creating Simple Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses


Constructing the analysis

Exploring the table view properties

Formatting the table view

Filter types and creating the filters

Using the selections

Adding column prompts

Adding Views to Analyses and Advanced Features


Adding the pivot table view

Adding the graph view

Adding the gauge view

Adding the legend view

Adding the column selector view

Adding the view selector view

Configuring the master-detail view settings

Measuring Performance with Key Performance Indicators


Creating the KPIs and the KPI watchlists

Creating the scorecards

Creating the objectives

Creating the initiatives

Adding the perspectives

Building the strategy trees and maps

Creating and Configuring Dashboards


Creating the dashboards

Using the Dashboard Builder

Exploring the properties of dashboard objects

Adding catalog objects to the dashboards

Creating the dashboard prompts

Oracle BI Best Practices


Best practices of the Physical layer

Best practices of the Business Model and Mapping layer

Best practices of the Presentation layer

Best practices of the analyses and the dashboards

Performance and security tips

The Major Components of OBIEE 11g

The Major Components of OBIEE 11g

The Major Components of OBIEE 11g

The Major Components of OBIEE 11g