PacktLib: OData Programming Cookbook for .NET Developers

OData Programming Cookbook for .NET Developers


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Building OData Services


Building an OData service via WCF Data Service and ADO.NET Entity Framework

Building an OData service with WCF Data Service and LINQ to SQL

Exposing OData endpoints from WCF RIA Service

Adding custom operations on OData service

Exposing database stored procedures in WCF Data Service

Using custom data objects as the data source of WCF Data Service

Using Interceptors to customize a WCF Data Service

Accessing ASP.NET context data in WCF Data Service

Creating a custom WCF Data Service provider

Working with OData at Client Side


Exploring an OData service through web browser

Using Visual Studio to generate strong-typed OData client proxy

Generating OData client proxy via DataSvcUtil.exe tool

Editing and deleting data through WCF Data Service client library

Accessing OData service via WebRequest class

Executing OData queries in an asynchronous manner

Filtering OData query results by using query options

Dealing with server-side paged entity sets from WCF Data Service

Performing WPF data binding with OData service data

Injecting custom HTTP headers in OData requests

Consuming HTTP compression enabled OData service

Using MSXML to consume OData service in unmanaged applications

OData Service Hosting and Configuration


Hosting a WCF Data Service in IIS server

Hosting a WCF Data Service in Console application

Deploying a WCF Data Service on Windows Azure host

Configuring WCF Data Service to return error details

Applying basic access rules on WCF Data Service

Getting rid of .svc extension by using ASP.NET URL Routing

Enabling dynamic compression for OData service hosted in IIS 7

Using OData in Web Application


Building data-driven ASP.NET Web Form pages with OData

Adopting OData in ASP.NET MVC web applications

Building ASP.NET Page UI with OData and XSLT

Building AJAX style data-driven web pages with jQuery

Consuming OData service with datajs script library

Using OData service in Silverlight data access application

Consuming WCF Data Service in PHP pages

OData on Mobile Devices


Accessing OData service with OData WP7 client library

Consuming JSON-format OData service without OData WP7 client library

Creating Panorama-style, data-driven Windows Phone applications with OData

Using HTML5 and OData to build native Windows Phone application

Accessing WCF Data Service in Android mobile application

Accessing WCF Data Service in iOS application

Working with Public OData Producers


Getting started with Netflix OData online catalog

Manipulating Sharepoint 2010 documents through OData endpoint

Using OData protocol for Windows Azure Table storage access

Query StackOverflow forums data with OData endpoint

Tracking information of NuGet packages through OData feeds

Exploring eBay online products catalog through OData service

Consuming SSRS 2008 R2 report through OData feed

Working with Security


Applying Windows authentication for OData service

Other OData Programming Tips


Using LINQPad to compose OData query code

Exploring OData service with ODataExplorer

Using OData service in Windows PowerShell script

Exploring OData service with Microsoft Excel PowerPivot component

Inspecting OData HTTP traffic through Fiddler web debugger

Using Open Data Protocol Visualizer to inspect the object model of OData service

Consuming OData service in Windows 8 Metro style application

New Features of WCF Data Service 5.0 (OData V3)


Upgrading existing OData service to WCF Data Service 5.0

Using geospatial types in OData service

Using Any and All operators to filter OData entities

Updating OData entities through HTTP PATCH requests

Resolving base URI of OData entity sets dynamically

Exposing binary data on OData entity with Named Resource Stream

Extending OData service functionalities with Service Actions